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Welcome to my blogging here in cyber. Mom made this site for me to be able to joy my friends and familly in Iceland, Sweden and other places... wherever you are. Please write a comment if you like (",)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Curly blond hair

When I first saw daylight I had lots of hair – black hair. Mom said both her and dad were born with lots of dark hair. It fell off after a while and I have been out of hair for some while now. Until recently – it is growing rapidly at the moment and it is blond curly hair. They have told me mom had an amazing hair when she was in my age. It was so blond and so curly that people stopped and could not resist feel it. However mom hated to get it brushed. It all ended her mom cut it all off and it took many years to get the curls back.

I hope my mom will not cut my hair and that my curls will be like hers. Just like the Princess I am...

Anna Björk


At 3:51 PM, Leann said...

I can't wait to see the curls grow and grow. Beautiful blonde hair!

At 3:18 AM, Bangsiland's Blog said...

thank you leann. It was very interesting to read about your Alaska trip. However you have not told about moving there, is it still under consideration?


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