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Bangsiland - Anna Björk Benjaminsdottir

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


It happens almost every evening or night at the moment – the little sweetie is having nightmares. At least I guess so as she suddenly wakes up and scream like never before. My heart bumps up to 100 and when I take her little hand she takes her thumb back into her mouth and her pink bunny next to her cheek.

I have read about it and it is normal for her age. She is discovering and experiences so many new things every day and to be able to work all through she does it during her sleep. I still cant stop wonder what’s so terrifying for her? Is it her new development that she manages new things or is it what she sees in her surroundings? I’m thinking about television and radio, does she already understand it?

This remembers my first real frighten – and actually it affected me so badly I still have problems with it. I was six years old and “The Jaws” was recently launched on video. Of course I was not allowed to watch – who can ever think about letting a 6-year old watch such a horrible movie. I could hear mom and dad watching and my curiosity killed the cat...

I went up from my bed; hide myself behind the stairs so nobody could see I was watching. I had nightmares forever about the white killer sharks. My imagination could see sharks in swimming pools – even inside swimming pools. I know, it is pathetic, but for a small girl it can be difficult to separate fantasy with reality. Still, today, I have great respect for the sea. When my best friend took a diving license I told her she was crazy, I could never think about such a thing. I remember when we went to Florida and I refused to swim into the water even though degrees was high above normal for not swimming...


At 4:26 PM, Leann said...

Thank you for all of your encouraging words. I truly appreciate you stopping by and giving me your .02 cents worth :-)

It is probably just her surroundings and the newness she experiences and does not understand every day.

My son used to wake up with nightmares and would call me into his room. He was 5 or 6. He would ask me to pray over him so he could sleep peacefully. It ALWAYS worked.

With Anna since she does not understand prayer, I would pray over her and then ask her spirit guides and the holy father to bless her and relieve her of the nightmares.

Have you read

You might find it interesting.

At 9:29 AM, Leann said...

Hi there,

On the comment you left on my blog...when you say everyone who goes up there feels the steaming do you mean can feel the energy?


At 3:51 PM, Bangsiland's Blog said...

I assume you are thinking about the glazier Snaefellsness and the area of Thingvellir.

When it comes to the glazier. Yes, so it is told me. I have never managed to go up there myself, as every time I have tried to drive up to this magnificent glazier it has been very bad weather and not possible to go up on the top.

There is a road (a bad one) and if you have a four-wheel car it is possible to drive almost up on the top however last path you have to walk or go with snowmobile. When you are walking on this last path you can feel the energy very well, it is told.

While walking in thingvellir I definitely can feel the energy and all screaming souls that terrified is circling around in the area they were killed. if you like you can read about this very interesting area on this link.


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