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Friday, July 01, 2005

On the phone

Yesterday mom sat – as usual – on the phone talking to my grannies. She does it every day and my dad says he is very pleased she has found the solution to talk over the internet. Before he went crazy every time he saw the billing. How can they have so much to talk about – every day!! I know grannies are not living here in Iceland and they can’t meet up very often but indeed it is an hour every day!

I can tell you she looks quite funny when she has this big head set on. I have tried to have these on too and I wonder how grannie can come into these head set. I mean, I am not that big but there is no chance I can put my self into this small thing.

Anyway, I wanted to ring to my grannies too so I took my phone. Trying to ring the number and put the red phone circuit next to my ears and started to talk.

1 year and already like her mom – where will this end?


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