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Bangsiland - Anna Björk Benjaminsdottir

Welcome to my blogging here in cyber. Mom made this site for me to be able to joy my friends and familly in Iceland, Sweden and other places... wherever you are. Please write a comment if you like (",)

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Summer, summer, summer

It is blue sky and temperature over 20 degrees (over 65 F) it must be heat record for Iceland! Mom has been sick lying at home with a terrible bad cold. I have tried to cheer her up by showing how good I am in bringing stuff to her – of course it is stuff I am not allowed to have, like Remote Controls etc. So instead of hunting me, which she was not able to as she was feeling poorly, I took it and then gave it to her as soon she said thanks! Wasn’t that sweet of me?

Even though mom wasn’t feeling particularly well we head west for the weekends and I visited grandma. Even though she is suffering for a Parkinson disease she was looking really good at the moment. She had lost a lot of weight and had got a really nice tan. On our way back home I got an ice cream for the first time. It was yummy!!

We also drove around the great glazier Snaefellsness. Mom told me to focus so I could feel the power. I think I did, and it made me so tired I fall asleep at once.

Anna Björk

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

On the beach – Playa del Reykjavik

Summer has finally arrived in Iceland and today it was blue sky and about 21 degrees C. It is very warm for being Iceland and actually the heat feels much more here than in other countries.

We took the opportunity to go to the only bathing beach down town Reykjavik. I thought it was a splendid idea and I ran happily around all the time. Mom had a living hell trying to catch me while I was laughing and running. We also went down to the water and of course I had to run into that too. It was a bit different from being in the swimming pool and I fell almost at once. Wow it was much colder in the water I am use to. They told me it was 18 degrees and in the pools it is normally 28 degrees. Burr, I was freezing and my clothes went so cold and wet. Mom went up to the grass field – as she thought it was much better to have our blanket there – and changed clothes on me.

Farm Nautholl was built in 1850 and was burned in 1900 in the wake of the outbreak of typhus. Its ruins are still obvious to the north of the car park, near the airport fence.During World War II, the area around the cove was a major Allied Atlantic Base. A memorial to the Norwegian air force stationed there stands by the service centre.A brook with hot runoff water from the city central heating systems was a popular bathing spot until it was closed in 1985. The site was redeveloped with a service centre, sandy beach and a sheltered, heated lagoon, and opened in the year 2000. The water temperature of the lagoon usually is between 18-20°C, and 30-35°C in the hot pots.Walking and jogging paths stretch right along the shoreline, and into the wooded area of the Oskjuhlid Hill.Cove Nautholsvik was awarded the Blue Flag Certificate. This award is granted beaches, which offer high quality environments. The Siglunes Sailing Club arranges pleasure cruises on the bay. Rowing boats, canoes, and small sail boats can be rented on Thursdays during summer.Nautholl is a licensed restaurant offering a wide menu. It is open all year round. Snacks are on sale in the service centre.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


It happens almost every evening or night at the moment – the little sweetie is having nightmares. At least I guess so as she suddenly wakes up and scream like never before. My heart bumps up to 100 and when I take her little hand she takes her thumb back into her mouth and her pink bunny next to her cheek.

I have read about it and it is normal for her age. She is discovering and experiences so many new things every day and to be able to work all through she does it during her sleep. I still cant stop wonder what’s so terrifying for her? Is it her new development that she manages new things or is it what she sees in her surroundings? I’m thinking about television and radio, does she already understand it?

This remembers my first real frighten – and actually it affected me so badly I still have problems with it. I was six years old and “The Jaws” was recently launched on video. Of course I was not allowed to watch – who can ever think about letting a 6-year old watch such a horrible movie. I could hear mom and dad watching and my curiosity killed the cat...

I went up from my bed; hide myself behind the stairs so nobody could see I was watching. I had nightmares forever about the white killer sharks. My imagination could see sharks in swimming pools – even inside swimming pools. I know, it is pathetic, but for a small girl it can be difficult to separate fantasy with reality. Still, today, I have great respect for the sea. When my best friend took a diving license I told her she was crazy, I could never think about such a thing. I remember when we went to Florida and I refused to swim into the water even though degrees was high above normal for not swimming...

Monday, July 11, 2005

Playing with puzzles

I have found a new hobbie – I just love to play the puzzle and I am pretty good at it too! However putting eache puzzle back again is still a bit tricky. Mom says I am great at it and she says jippie every time I am done. I can sit with this for hours which mom founds quite ok as then she doesnt has to run after me all the time. But I do that too, you see, I dont understand why it is so fun to investigate all new things I see. And I discover new things everyday. Mom and dad have to watch me all the time. But do you want to know something, as soon as I see they are not watching I am so quick they even dont see until it is done.

thats all for today.
Anna Björk

Friday, July 08, 2005

I want a cookie too...

The communication between mom and me has always been a monolog. She has been talking to me and I have been listening very carefully even though its very seldom I do exactly what she’s trying to get me to do. Im a modern baby – knowing my rights and there's nothing wrong with my will! I am just pretending so she can believe she's the master – but everybody knows the truth about the real master anyway.

Until yesterday. She was cooking and I was walking around her legs trying to get the usual attention by complaining loudly. Then I saw she took one of these wonderful cookies. And she did not give me any one. I walked towards her lifting up my hand, telling her I also wanted a cookie! Mom stared at me with big eyes and then she smiled: oh, so do you also want a cookie, my little sweetie. Here you are and she gave me one.

She told me she wanted a cookie - mom said to every one she talked to and she was so proud of me! I was too, of course!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Emergency accident – dial 112 (991)

From my worst dream I have been waiting for this moment. When this little sweet innocent human will do something that hurts her.

It was late afternoon and my GSM rang frenetically from my office. It was a stressed B on the other side talking very fast. As my Icelandic is not mother language I had to concentrate even more to get all words into my head: Little Anna-Björk had manage to kick so badly her chair turned over and smashed into the floor. He was afraid her back head was injured and was now on his way to emergency.

He had been feeding her and had to turn his back to grab a spoon. It was during these few seconds she probably has kicked her legs in some way to the dining table so badly her chair fell.

We all went to emergency carefully watching her all time. She looked back at us like she was wondering what’s going on. She looked completely normal. Her eyes went bigger while we stepped into the Emergency department at the Hospital. It was very crowd and lots of hurt people in all ages. It was like stepping into this American soap opera about doctors at emergency – I have forgot the title of this opera. We were transported into a waiting room for small children where it was lots of play tools and Anna Björk started at once to go over all boxes and she was laughing at all new stuff she found. Suddenly she glimpsed through the door way and she realized this corridor was something very exciting... two steps and she was out giggling. B ran after her and when she realized she was hunted she ran even faster. Was she really injured – it did not look like it.

After one hour we finally met the Doctor. He looked into her eyes, checked her back head and tried to get contact with her. At this time Anna Björk’s eyes was extremely big and she sat still like a candle. Then she laughed and the Doctor said it was nothing wrong with her, she was fine.

She almost gave me a heart attack B said when we came out from the Hospital. I went back to work and when I was back home again B had made a solution for tying the chair into the table so it could not fall again...

But if she will be like her mother this was not her last time...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Curly blond hair

When I first saw daylight I had lots of hair – black hair. Mom said both her and dad were born with lots of dark hair. It fell off after a while and I have been out of hair for some while now. Until recently – it is growing rapidly at the moment and it is blond curly hair. They have told me mom had an amazing hair when she was in my age. It was so blond and so curly that people stopped and could not resist feel it. However mom hated to get it brushed. It all ended her mom cut it all off and it took many years to get the curls back.

I hope my mom will not cut my hair and that my curls will be like hers. Just like the Princess I am...

Anna Björk

Friday, July 01, 2005

On the phone

Yesterday mom sat – as usual – on the phone talking to my grannies. She does it every day and my dad says he is very pleased she has found the solution to talk over the internet. Before he went crazy every time he saw the billing. How can they have so much to talk about – every day!! I know grannies are not living here in Iceland and they can’t meet up very often but indeed it is an hour every day!

I can tell you she looks quite funny when she has this big head set on. I have tried to have these on too and I wonder how grannie can come into these head set. I mean, I am not that big but there is no chance I can put my self into this small thing.

Anyway, I wanted to ring to my grannies too so I took my phone. Trying to ring the number and put the red phone circuit next to my ears and started to talk.

1 year and already like her mom – where will this end?