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Bangsiland - Anna Björk Benjaminsdottir

Welcome to my blogging here in cyber. Mom made this site for me to be able to joy my friends and familly in Iceland, Sweden and other places... wherever you are. Please write a comment if you like (",)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Up and running

Last week was this kind of week mom and dad wants to forget. I have never been so sick in my entire life! All week I was lying with very high fever and bad cold. I had to go to the children’s hospital for check out. It was a very strong virus I was suffering from.

Finally my fever is gone I am getting stronger for every minutes! I have also got my appetite back and I am eating like never before. Mom is relieved. Yesterday I went to my day nanny and it was great to see my friends again.

Mom has started a new hobby she is making wool sweaters and now she also made a cap. She has just finished this one - don’t I look good?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Breaking news

Still very sick, or I would say even worse :( Sunday it all break down again and here I am with high fever and my nose is even worse. Dad was at home until lunchtime and then mom came home from work. I was feeling so poorly and I did not leave mom’s side for one second. While I was sleeping mom laid next to me and while I was awake I sat in her knees. It felt so good to be near her. She hugged me and read stories for me trying to cheer me up. Late in the evening my fever was so high mom got really worried and called dad at his work. He had to work over time but now he was on his way home. He stopped at the drugstore and bought me some medicine for bringing my fever down. I felt much better at once and I could sleep all night without any troubles. This morning I was feeling better though far from all right. Dad is at home at the moment and mom will come home after lunch.

In all these mess I have some breaking news to tell all of you. I am going to get a brother or sister! It’s the same kind of thing my best friend Johanna got for some while ago. She got at brother and I hope I will get that too. At least mom thinks it is. She has this feeling like the same feeling she had while she was carrying me. I don’t know how she can manage this but she knew all from the beginning I was a girl. It is possible to check this with science but mom doesn’t want to. However who needs a confirmation when it’s all ready clear for you? Time is set to 3rd of March.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Autumn is in the air

Sundays was this kind of day mom loves most. She always wakes up early these days and when she saw weather outside she started to whistle and said: Today my sweetie, we are going on a long walk and some picnic! And so we did... meanwhile I was so tired – who will not be when mom wakes you up very very early on a Sunday morning?? I fall a sleep already in the car on our way and I even did not open my eyes when mom put me into my wagon.

It was this kind of day when air is so fresh, sun is shining from a clear blue sky and still the sun is quite warm. From my sleep I could hear her whistle again and she walked and walked... Then suddenly she stopped and said - all right sweetie, time for coffee and cake. I got a cookie too and milk. It was peaceful to sit there alone with mom and we did not say much. I wished dad was there too - but he had to work, mom said.

On our way back I did not sleep. It was so exciting to see all colours and leaves surrounding us. There is not much tree on Iceland but we were walking in one wood area called "Heidmörk"

Back home again we took a hot bath and of course I had to bathe my bunny again. It all ended up like last Sunday – me crying in front of the washing machine. Mom asked me when I was going to learn pink bunnies doesn’t like bathing...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

the adventures of my pink bunny

When I was born my aunt gave me a pink bunny, you know such a soft, normal big, hug-friendly thing every child loves to have. Something I could hold on to whenever I liked. It also had an inbuilt music box playing softly if some one started it. Some one is mom and she did it every night when I was going to sleep. It was so sweet to fall a sleep into this soft music.

Sundays the big catastrophe happened. My curiosity killed the cat and I had to suffer more than an hour for my big mistake.

Anyway, it was Sunday evening and I was feeling a bit low and tired as it was getting late. I was walking around with my sweet bunny when I suddenly catch up mom in the toilet. She was standing next to the mirror and this very strange chair (note: the toilet) had a hole and into that hole it was – yes believe it or not – water! Not enough water for me to swim into it but exactly as much for my bunny to take a relieving bath. So I did. Then mom started to shout - are you crazy child (she was talking about me then I have realized) and do you want to know what she done? She took my bunny and put it into this horrible machine that has a terrible noise of running water. My bunny will drown, was my first thought! Now I did not cry any longer – I was screaming in both anger and fear – I will never see my bunny again, I thought.

I was desperate and mom hugged me and tried to calm me down. Who can ever be calm when your best thing in the world is drowning in the next room? I cried and screamed for at least an hour. Then all my tears was gone and I fall asleep in my moms' arms.

But do you know what! When I woke up in the morning my bunny was back! It did not drown and it smelled wonderful and had such a nice pink colour. Mom told me she only had to clean it, as it is not very healthy carrying around on a bunny that has been swimming in the toilet

My happiness was complete!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Time flies - wind of change

My dad's 4 months of maternity leave has come to an end. Today it was my first day at my day nanny even though I have been visiting her all last week. I must say I like it a lot there. We are 4 children in my group and I have already got a new girlfriend who is in same age as me. The other two kids are much younger than me but I think they are quite ok anyway. Lilja also has 4 kids and in the afternoon I can tell you it is very fun when we all is playing together!

This morning I recognized the place at once and run in for saying hi to all folks. No one there, I was a bit confused however Lilja told me the other kids would come very soon. She gave me a nice book about the Teletubies instead so it was ok. I did not cry when mom said good-bye - who will do that when you have all this nice toys in front of you. Mom was very proud of me.

So basically it feels good to be home again even though I miss grannies a lot. Mom has told me we are going out to Sweden again in October. Then I will stay at their place for almost 2 weeks!

Take care
Anna Björk