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Bangsiland - Anna Björk Benjaminsdottir

Welcome to my blogging here in cyber. Mom made this site for me to be able to joy my friends and familly in Iceland, Sweden and other places... wherever you are. Please write a comment if you like (",)

Monday, October 31, 2005

Winter wonderland

During the weekend the first snow fell here in Reykjavik. Fridays was a terrible weather with wind forces up to 45 m/sec followed by heavy snow falling. Saturday storm was over and mom dressed me up for outside playing. I could hardly move after she was done. It was difficult to walk and if I fell I could not stand up by myself. When I came outside I understood why all these clothes. It was freezing! And there was some white stuff on the ground and it made it even worse to walk in. Of course I fell at once and mom grabbed me in my back. My shoes went totally white and I tried to take it away however it was not particularly easy as I was veering some very large gloves. Then I fell again and this time my face was dogged deep into this white stuff. And the white stuff was so cold my nose went totally red. I had enough of this crap and went to the car trying to find my pink bunny instead. Mom smiled at me and said it was no dangerous to be outside in the snow. This is normal for this time at the year. It is? Snow… I looked around and I thought the landscape was quite beautiful however I had enough for this time walking into this difficulties. I wanted my bunny and I wanted it NOW! Mom opened the car door and gave me my bunny. Life was complete again.

We went to the Swimming pool instead and I must say it is probably most fun I ever know. I was splashing, jumping into the water and I can almost swim now. Well, I swim like a dog mom says. I have these swim-air-bags on my arms so I can float and then I am kicking with my legs it brings me forward. Much more fun than being out in this white stuff!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

My belly button, my nose, my mouth

Recently I have discovered I have many different things on my body. First out I found my belly button so when mom asked where it was I could at once pick it out. She is always asking me to find things when she is dressing me in the morning. She thinks I will not understand she is trying to mislead my thoughts as I am not very found of dressing up. This morning she asked me where my nose was. And yes, I found it - then I found my moms nose. I also found my mouth and her mouth and suddenly I was dressed with out any notice! She had fooled me again!

I stared at her and made her realized I did not like to be fooled. She smiled at me again and asked me - how big are you? At once I put my arms up in the air and she started to laugh – are you really THAT big? Ok, now it is time to go, she said and do I need to tell you she did it again...

Friday, October 21, 2005

Anna Björk – remember my name

The most famous Actor and Singer from Iceland is Björk Gudmundsdottir. With her excellent voice and special style she has spellbound the world by her music. Who does not remember her in the Opening Ceremony at the Olympic Games in Athens? Or when she entered the Oscar Award Ceremony dressed like a Swan? She was born to be a star and her career was written far beyond her birth.

My inner sprit tells me Anna Björk has a well written story as a star too. Yesterday she showed a glance of her future character. It was 50-years anniversary for the Swedish association and it was a ceremony filled with music, dance and cocktails. I was leading this ceremony and did not have much time watching over this little beauty. She did not bother at all – and took the opportunity discover the world of party being held. She saw lots of people holding small glasses with drinks and it did not take long until she stepped towards me asking for something to drink too. I gave her a “wine glass” in plastic and filled it with orange juice. Thank you, she said, turned around and went out in the sea of people, holding her glass of juice like all the others. Every where she walked people kneed down and started to take picture or talked to her. She answered the attention by doing some dancing and smiled every time a camera was near. Then the music stared and she went straight to the orchestra, sat down and watched it all with big eyes.

After the music ended she saw people eating dainty sandwiches from a table and of course she stepped on her toes trying to reach one of these too. A lady helped her and she said thank you, turned around and walked with her glass in one hand and the dainty sandwich in her other hand. After a short while three girls had a dance show in the room next by. And who do you think wanted to be a member of the dancing team? Right you are, Anna Björk went straight to the group put her self in the middle and started to dance. Now I had entered the room too and I grabbed her under my arms and thought now she will make a scene out of this. But no, she clapped her hands and started to laugh. It was her best evening ever and I will just say: do remember this name – a future star is born.

Monday, October 03, 2005

A special colour for mom

Mom says there is no other horse with more different and many colours than the Icelandic Horse have. This year we got 2 foals and both of them was pinto based. Prince Valliant – my dad’s foal – is black pinto, which means black and white coloured. Black Pinto is rather usual for the Icelandic Horse. It is told if a mom is pinto based it has 50% chance to get a pinto based foal however if both parents are pinto chances is up to 75%.

Prince Valliant with his mother

Isabella – my mothers foal has so special colour it is still too early to say what she will end up like. She can be silverdappel pinto - and if, that is one of the most attractive colour at the moment.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Once upon a time

" all started very early one day in the middle of Uppsala between twin spires of Uppsala Cathedral. The oldest cat lady in town – Maya – was cleaning her place. She did that every year with or with need. Suddenly she found a map – a treasure map!

The little cat Pelle and his beloved Maja were planning her mother’s birthday. Pelle, who was a clever little cat had made a surprise for his mother in law and was now testing its functionality. Yes, it was working properly and Maja glimpsed in asking him what he was up to. I wont tell, Pelle said as then it would not be any surprise for the mother. Maja smiled of proud ness thinking she was a happy cat that met this incredible sensitive hansom cat.

However outside the window the evil Måns and his companions Bill and Bull were whispering and laughing. We can just imagine what they were up to...

Then suddenly in a weak moment when Pelle was not watching Måns sneaked in and made something on this surprise Pelle had made.

Nasty Måns and his crazy cronies, Bill and Bull, try to make life difficult for Peter, and have no objection to helping Maja's mother in the process.

Back to Maya and her treasure map, and if there's a treasure map, then there must be a treasure. The result is an exciting chase involving Pelle, Trisse, Maja, Gullan, Måns, Bill and Bull, that takes us to the very tops of the spires. Pettersson is right behind them. However, he is not after a treasure, but is in pursuit of something completely different."

Recently Mom read this book with me. As I love cats I was listening very carefully and I took every moment I got asking her to read. Mom says we also has this book on a film. I think I will watch it later today.