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Bangsiland - Anna Björk Benjaminsdottir

Welcome to my blogging here in cyber. Mom made this site for me to be able to joy my friends and familly in Iceland, Sweden and other places... wherever you are. Please write a comment if you like (",)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Merry Christmas

It’s only a couple of days left for Christmas now and I can tell you I am getting more and more exiting about this day. Mom is talking about it every day and as I don’t really remember last year I must say this is a very interesting time of year. The Yule Lads have been very kind to me and I have got a present every night! Things to my hair, a book of Santa, a ball, and a sweet water bubble with a teddy bear in it – unfortunately I broke that one...

We have been cooking a lot lately and I am always helping mom. Last night even dad was helping mom and we made Swedish meatballs. Mom is getting even worse in her back and she is always resting when we are coming at home in the afternoon. I found it quite boring and am trying to wake her up by doing things I know I am not allowed to. Then she wakes up instead we are watching the TV together and having some milk and a cookie.

Saturdays we went for one more birthday party and I was of course trying to get all attention. Of course I succeed.

I don’t know if mom will have more time to update my website before Christmas so if not I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Yule Lad has arrived

I have had a wonderful weekend together with mom. Dad went to his sister for this 40 years birthday party. As mom is pregnant and suffering with a bad back she had decided not to go there. When she saw I was a bit sad about dad leaving us she promised we were going to make some cookies instead. And so we did. I helped her to put my finger on each so it became a little hole to put jam into. I haven’t got had so fun for a very long time. The cookies were delicious!

Sunday morning we lit the third candle for advent. Mom and I had a cosy breakfast and then we went to the Swimming pool. I started to feel a bit strange and suddenly I throw up. I am still suffering and as a matter of fact we all do at the moment. In the after noon we all were a bit better though.

Oh, I almost forgot! Sunday evening I put a shoe in my window and guess what! The first Yule Lad had really been there during the night and it was a gift in my shoe!! Tell me about it I was thrilled! Mom helped me to open the package and it was bubble water to make bubbles with. Mom showed me how to do it and I clapped my hands of excitement! I can’t wait until tomorrow and I hope I will get something nice. I don’t think I have deserved a potato that you get when not being nice.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Clever girl

Mom seems to get more tired for each day she says it is because of her belly. I can see her belly is enormous at the moment and I guess I would also be a bit tired if I had to carry around with such a balloon! Yesterday when we came home she lie down in the sofa and guess what, she fall asleep almost at once. I tried to wake her up many times as I missed her companionship. She did not make any notice. But you see I am a very clever little girl so I just went to the TV and put the load so high up I ever could. It was a success – mom woke up! She smiled at me and said I was very cleaver. Then we had a cinnamon bun and milk. Yummy!

This weekend my aunt is having a 40 years birthday party and we all were supposed to go there. We will not because of mom – she has some real trouble with her back so she has decided I and her will stay at home. The birthday party will be held in the riding hall in cowboy style. It would have been fun to see all wearing cowboy hats though. Mom has promised to make some cookies instead.

I wish you all a very nice weekend!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

1st of December

Finally December is here. What I have been looking forward to it! Today mom and I were watching this year's calendar on the telly. It was about a boy called Booboo. It was a bit difficult to say if I liked it or not. Before we were watching some old calendar from before I was born. I especially liked the one about the cat Pelle with no tail. It is so sweet story and as I am very fond of cats I like it best. Mom has read the book about Pelle for me too.

One thing mom already has done is to decorate our place. She has put up new carpets; new Christmas flowers and has course all these little Yule Lads. She has also made some in wood. I tried to help her yesterday but she said I was mostly troubling her and she told me when I will be a bit older she will help me doing this kind of things. I wish I were older now!

My cousin Markus visited me the other day. He was reading for a test and asked dad to help him. I tried to help him too. Look at the latest picture in my gallery!