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Bangsiland - Anna Björk Benjaminsdottir

Welcome to my blogging here in cyber. Mom made this site for me to be able to joy my friends and familly in Iceland, Sweden and other places... wherever you are. Please write a comment if you like (",)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Days of my life...

Hi folks,
It has been a while since mom wrote here while it seems like her pregnancy is making her even more tired. She says there is no place left now - and I can tell you, I believe her because she has a belly I never seen. Her friend Matilda recently gave her a book about pregnancy and birth. Mom and I have read it many times and I guess I have started to understand what's going on. It's a baby and it is inside moms belly. Mom has asked me if I have one too - then I look down at my belly and I shake my head; no it's far from that big it can't be.

Before New Years I got a vaccine and 11 days later - read last week - I got heavy fever I had to be at home for 3 days. Not so fun however we were expecting it. I have also got 1 more tooth - now I have 15 teeth.

Winter wonderland has arrived in Iceland and it is nice to be out in the snow. Mom and I were out all Saturday first playing in the snow for some while and then we helped dad to arrange the stable. I had my pink bunny with me all the time, which probably wasn't very splendid idea as it got so dirty mom throw him in the washing machine as soon as we came home. How dared she!! I was complete tired after being out all day, I was hungry and my mode totally crashed. I freaked out - screaming, shouting like never before - for over an hour! It all ended I fall asleep on mom's big belly. What a day...

Sundays we brought our horses to the stable in Reykjavik. Our new car was perfect for dragging 4 horses. We also were visiting my grand father in Borgafjördur. It was very cold and lots of snow there. Outside it is still snowing, this morning it's about half a meter of snow and -10 degrees.

Otherwise I am mostly looking forward to our trip to Sweden. My uncle is getting married and we are heading for Oslo in Norway this time. In Oslo we will take the bus up to Trysil where grandfather will meet up with car. Further its a drive in 1,5 hour to a small place called Idre located north/west in Sweden. We will stay for 7 days.


At 10:26 AM, Leann said...

I'm sorry Maria, but I had to laugh at "my car is perfect for dragging four horses". LOL

It's perfect for towing four horses. I sure hope you don't drag your horses hehehe

Sorry to hear you are feeling so tired....but it will be over soon!
I know, easy for me to say :-)

At 1:41 AM, Bangsiland's Blog said...

ha ha ha, well language can be misleading LOL thanks for telling me though otherwise I will never learn.

It’s like me when talking Icelandic. I have been here too long that people has quit telling me about my mistakes. It’s a pity, as I will never develop the language any further, less I go to school of course.

At 4:48 PM, Leann said...

At my age I can't imagine speaking anything else. You are special in that you can speak three languages!


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