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Monday, January 09, 2006

A new Pablo Picasso for mom

By a coincidence little sweetie found out the thing of drawings – or did she learn to draw at her day care? I did not give her any pens neither paper while one day she had managed to open one of the drawer where I keep my art stuff – do not ask me how she found out I kept my stuff there...

She took some pens, paper and sat down to her little table and started to draw. I stared at her and she glimpsed up to me smiled like never before. I was amazed of her art style – like a real Picasso, don’t you think?


At 10:41 PM, Leann said...

Hi Maria,

I hope you are feeling well. Your little sweetie has wonderful artistic ability :-)

Thank you so much for the comments on my blog. I realize I have work to do before I'm ready for anything, let alone another relationship. Each day is a learning experience and I plod along.

At 1:07 AM, Jessica said...

It is amazing that she used so many colors, at her age. Most kids that age just use one crayon color. :) I think you have an artist on your hands. lol


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