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Monday, February 06, 2006

I am that STRONG!

She learns lots of things at her day nanny. Things we realize by coincidence she knows. Yesterday she showed us one thing – how strong she was. A friend of us came for dinner and she asked Anna Björk if she knew how strong she was. Anna Björk knew exactly what she meant and squeezed her hands as strong as she could. Both B and I stared at her and started to laugh.

She has become more alert and aware in her language. If you ask her how the horse, dog and cat sounds she answers you correctly in her way. It is also possible to ask her to do things, both in Icelandic and Swedish.

Today when we came home she took her out door clothes off by herself. She needed some help in end of the zipper while rest of it she took off all. I have not taught her this so it must be her day nanny.


At 8:35 PM, Leann said...

My granddaughter did the very same thing Maria. She just one day did it! What a surprise.

They learn so much and so quickly.

Can she understand and speak english?

At 2:47 AM, Bangsiland's Blog said...

Well, she listens to lots of English every day from the TV while I would answer no if not for this:

She did one thing the other day to her mom's big surprise. She had been very good in eating spaghetti with her own spoon all by herself. Of course some of it came on her dress. When I lifted her up she looked down at the mess on her dress and said: Oh shit!!

Not only for it is a BAD expression but sadly was this her FIRST two-word combination. And I don't know where she has learnt this! Until then she has only been saying one word or a sound for what she means... Have you seen the movie "meet the Fuckers" where the first word that the little boy said was as-hole...?

At 3:07 PM, Leann said...

LOL Maria.
The name of the movie is Meet the Fockers, not the are too cute.
Yes I saw the movie. Who knows where Anna picked it up from. They here things you're sure they've not heard at all. They are like little sponges. My mom used to say "Little pictures have big ears".

At 1:49 AM, Bangsiland's Blog said...

Clever thing to do!!

We have had some problems with Anna Björk while it is getting much better. First days were terrible and she cried a lot! We tried to give her lots of "quality time" where we only put her in focus. It helped a lot and it also made her realize we have not forgotten her. She also has her routines left: going to the day nanny, reading bedtime stories and I do all the things we used to do. I think that is most important for her.


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