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Monday, May 22, 2006

Hard Rock Hallelujah

Saturdays it was Eurovision Song Contest and I was watching and dancing all the time. I loved Carola; the Swedish singer while the Finish song “Hard Rock Hallelujah” was amazingly cool. Mom danced with me while dad shakes his head saying mom is crazy...
I probably have the most wonderful and calm sister anyone can have! Her stomach ace in the evening is gone so she is completely satisfied with everything. Her good night sleep starts about 20.30 and she does not wake up until 06:30. She gets her first breakfast and falls asleep again until 07.45 when she gets her second breakfast. We all get up at 08 having breakfast with dad before he leaves for work.

I do not like to go to bed early in the evening and who does when dad comes home so late from work I want to be some time with him! Usually I fall asleep at 21:30 and that too late mom says. Of course it’s difficult for me to wake up in the mornings.

I have my second breakfast about nine. At 10 we all go to Rolo where I am playing with my friends. Titti has her first day sleep. At noon we are having lunch and then time for me to have my day sleep. Titti gets her lunch too. I sleep for 2 hours and Titti does too. Then I am ready for playing. Sometimes we go to the stable, sometimes we go swimming and sometimes we are out rocking. Mom is very pleased with it.

Titti has started to raise her head while lying on her stomach. She does not like it at all as a matter of fact she does not exercise at all. Mom says she’s glad she did not get one more child just like me. I wonder what she means about that?

Tomorrow I will celebrate my grand father Markus on his birthday.


At 4:15 PM, Leann said...

What is it about babies that they don't like tummy time? I know my granddaughter did not like it either.

I've thoroughly enjoyed seeing the pics of Anna and Titi as they grow. It happens so fast. I swear they grow overnight!!

Beautiful children Maria.

At 3:13 PM, Bangsiland's Blog said...

Yes, its like you would like to stop the clock...

what's tummy time - I don't understand?


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