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Bangsiland - Anna Björk Benjaminsdottir

Welcome to my blogging here in cyber. Mom made this site for me to be able to joy my friends and familly in Iceland, Sweden and other places... wherever you are. Please write a comment if you like (",)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My little sister Titti is very sick

My little sister Titti is very sick. Yesterday mom and dad went to the Children Hospital and Titti has got RS virus. It can be very critical for such a small baby. It all starts like a regular bad cold and has same symptom like it. However this gives a badly deep cough and if the child gets fever it is a sign for pneumonia. If this appears Titti has to be put into hospital for further measures. It’s not much to do for this disease more than wait and pray she will be ok very soon.

Do you know how it feels to be locked inside an apartment for a hole week listening on 1 very sick child and 1 very small baby who starts to cough more and more for each day? Friday's mom thought she was loosing her mind and told dad she had to get some air. She went food shopping and when coming back home she still was walking in vacuum. Mom felt so sorry for us children, particularly me as I was suffering in very high fever and a terrible cough. We went to the doctor and when realizing I had got ear inflammation too he gave me penicillin. It took me the weekend to get on my feet again. Monday's I went to Lilja - my day care nanny.

Well, enough talking about sickness. I had some great time last weekend when I went to my aunties in Grundafjördur. Mom and dad went to Hotel Glymur for a party with her work. They brought Karin Inga with them. Saturday both of them came to Grundafjördur too. I had a great time playing with Kristin, Anna Dora and all the animals. My grand mother came to visit too.

This weekend I had, as you know stayed inside while mom and dad has been horseback riding. Lovely weather though a bit cold.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Teletubies and Titti 1 month

Titti is 1 month old - time fly :) She is more awake now while she still sleeps a lot. She is a very calm baby and takes life quite easy. Mom thinks its good, as I am wilder than ever before. Why shouldn't I - I am a very curious little girl and I want to try things to see how it is.

Yesterday I was very good girl. I helped mom give Titti a bath. We were bathing her in a small white washtub. The phone rang and mom put Titti into a towel and went to answer the phone, while she was on the phone I took the opportunity to try the bath too. It was really fun, I can tell you. However mom did not like I took a bath with my clothes and diaper on...

The other day when I had my late evening meal - Skyr (a yoghurt) - I found out it was much more fun to eat it with my fingers. I also found out it was quite fun to put skyr in my hair... mom did not like that either.
Last weekend mom bought me a new out door wear a black overall. It is perfect as I will never be wet Its still too big though and I look like a teletubies in it :)

Monday, March 06, 2006

Öskudagur and steeling soothers

I never wanted any soothers when I was a little baby. Titti does. I have decided I want too while mom says I am too old. How can I be too old when I still use my thumb? We have had some real fights about this, well fights might be over dealing it while I was quite mad of her when she said I could not use it.
Do you want to know what I did? As soon as mom was feeding Titti I climbed up in her wagon and stole the soothers. Then I ran away hiding myself. Once I stole it from Tittis' mouth however mom got really mad at me. I was not allowed to steal like that! Tricky...

Last Wednesday it was Öskudagur here in Iceland. It is an old tradition like Halloween where the children dresses up, knocking on doors singing and getting candies. I was Winnie the pooh :)

This weekend we went to a dog show. I want to have a dog too. I have learnt how to say woff woff. I had a great time at the show while I guess dad do not completely agree with me. It was a lot to watch and I was running around most of time. After an hour he said he wanted to go and was very exhausted after being running after me.
We went to the stable instead. Plenty of fun there I can tell you. I went horseback riding, leading the horse and I have a very good friend there who gives me chocolate biscuit... nice :)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My sweet sister – "Titti"

Today my little sister is 2 weeks old. I have something to admit, I guess. I know mom and dad has been talking about a brother or a sister for a very long time and I knew something was going on when mom's belly started to grow rapidly. Still, it was difficult for me to realize I was not going to be alone with them any more and still it sometimes hurts when this new little person is taking away my time. Most of all it is difficult when dad holds her. It is MY dad!! Mom says this is natural behaviour for a little girl like me while she might not understand the big picture until it was reality.
First days "titti" - I have named my sister to Titti - arrived was turbulent time for me and I did not really understand how to act neither behave. I was crying a lot and I felt much insecure in most things. I thought mom and dad did not care for me anymore while back in my mind I knew they did. After a couple of days it all went much better. Today I am pretty sure of mom and dad and I must say I have got a wonderful sister!
Titti is growing and has reached her birth weight and more. On her second day she went into trouble with yellow colour, birth jaundice that made her very sleepy. She still is very sleepy and very calm while the colour is getting better and better.