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Bangsiland - Anna Björk Benjaminsdottir

Welcome to my blogging here in cyber. Mom made this site for me to be able to joy my friends and familly in Iceland, Sweden and other places... wherever you are. Please write a comment if you like (",)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sweden here we come!

On Thursday mom Titti and I are heading for Sweden. Mom says it was a long time since she was longing so much to see her parents, my grand parents. We will fly to Stockholm where grannies will pick us up for travelling further to the Summerhouse in north of Sweden. There we will stay for about 2 weeks. Mom has also promised to see great grandma. She is 88 and was recently moving to an elderly home.

Best of all though finally dad has decided and has ordered his flight to Sweden! We all knew it could be tight as his work takes lots of time now days. He will join up when we have arrived to Kalle, my uncle, in Dalarna. Then we will visit
Santa World and the Brown Bear Zoo. It is from this area this traditional "dalahäst" – dalecarlian horse – is coming from. My uncle is a chief at Dale Carlia - a big conference and relaxing hotel in Rättvik.

Last week of our vacation we will be in Stockholm. Lots of fun things coming up so you can understand I am thrilled!
Last week we were in Skagafjördur watching Landsmot. It was great seeing all this tremendous horses while weather wasn't too good. Probably we all got a bit cold as this week mom and I have been more or less sick. We are now home recovering by staying inside watching lots of movies…

Mom has started to give Titti corn pure. She loves it!
As you probably understand there will be a summer break on Bangsiland while I can promise you lots of fun pictures and reports when I am back!

Take care and I wish you all a wonderful summer!
See ya!