Anna Björk Benjamínsdóttir

Anna Björk is born 24 of June 2004 at the Hospital Landspitali in Reykjavik. She was 53 cm tall and 3390 gram. She is a strong character with a great will and a good heart. If it was possible at this early stage say she will be a great singer or an actor when grown up. She knows exactly how to play for get her will come true. Her spirit glows, and the glory and all attendance she gets in her acting, she like most. She's a bit thin, though very tall, for her age however she is amazingly strong. I believe dancing will be one of her greatest interest. She is extreamely fast runner and likes to run a lot. Anna Björk is very look a like her father and her grand mother in Sweden.

At age of 3 she started in Gerpla, the athletic school here in Reykjavik, and she loves it. In the beginning she found it very difficult to listen to the trainer and to wait for her turn was out of question. However it didn't take too many times for her to understand the meaning of participating into the classes and she plays along the trainer and her class mates with great interest. She's got a pink dress that she loves and wear it at any time she's allowed to. While most of all she likes movies. She can be watching movies for hours and like she's transferring herself into the movie it is not possible to talk neither do something with her. She's completely lost into the story.

She speaks both icelandic and swedish perfectly well and can say one thing in icelandic to her father turn around and continue to speak in swedish. In the beginning she mixed both languages together.

The Name Anna Björk came up very early in our discussion as she has Anna in many of her relatives. Björk has always had a special place in her mom's heart and also because her grand mothers name is Inga Björk, and her cousin is Saga Björk

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