Thursday, November 24, 2005

Romeo and Julia.
I have been in Sweden working for some while now. Time “over there” is always very hectic and each time it reminds me of my old days living there with a full-time prospected agenda. I do not miss those days. This week has been a back flash and an agenda filled from 6 in the morning to 8-9 in the evenings. Do I need to tell you I am exhausted after my trip? It felt very good to be back in Iceland – like a relief of finally putting old memories behind again.

Anyway, still I am very satisfied with my trip as it gave me lots of new prospects and it was definitely worth all pressure and early wake up calls. Even this trip I was focusing on systems for Quality Management and particularly the new Human Resource program containing record management for Competence and Training. It has not been a big issue before as the European standard does not contain a clear picture for this kind of questions. Now my customers is getting more focused on the American standards and gets deeper requirements for these issues. Our new program I introduced got lots of applauds so it feels very good to be on the right track. It also gave me the opportunity to finish my Christmas gifts shopping, spending some time with mom and dad.

One evening we went to the opera for seeing the old Shakespeare’ classic Romeo and Julia play. As all other times I spend at the opera I am asking myself why I do not go more often. This particularly dramatic love affair with actresses high above normal standard was amazingly spell bounded. I was astonished over its scenery and it took me many hours of thoughts to be back to normal again.

The history of Romeo and Julia – a never ending story.
For many are Romeo and Julia the truth for the real love. These two youngsters who meet at a fancy-dress ball and fell in love with each other – even though they are from families who is competing each other: Capulet and Montague. They get married in secret but Julia’s father is planning a complete different marriage for his daughter. Julia decides to take a poison that will make her sleep so deeply everybody will think she is dead, just to be able to escape with Romeo later. On her own wedding day she drops dead. Her family places her in the family grave where Romeo finds her later. He misunderstands the situation and takes his own life to join up with his lover. When Julia later wakes up she finds Romeo dead and decides to follow him through death.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"Sauma klubbur" – Sew club
For ages women has been gathered together in groups such as Sewing Clubs. However if its purpose is to meet up for story telling about latest happenings or for meet up on its purpose to sew or knitting, the story does not tell further.

In the old days this groups were very often connected to the church and the local priest was often participating. The ladies were making clothes and other things for the local poor people.

We Swedish girls have recently started this kind of group. Sunday was first out for our meeting. Six girls joint together at K’s place for knitting paper napkins on different things. I made a candle, a pot and a glasswork. This was my first trials and I must say it was probably one of the funniest thing to do, I am really proud of the results!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Book Club

The one I never was, by Majgull Axelsson

"In a room at the Hospital Karolinska is Sverker. He has been on a business trip to East Europe, bought himself a hooker, went into trouble and is now connected to a respirator, with a broken back totally paralyzed. Next to him sits his since before stressed out wife Mary Marie, tired and angry of insanity. The shock and anger has made her speech less and the only word she capable to say is “albatross” – a word connected to guilt and safeness, both escapes and still standing. She can’t stand it. She rises walking towards his bed.

We will stop there for one moment.

When we will press play again it has two possibility options:
- She pulls out the cable from the respirator.
- She does not pull out the cable.

What she decides to do reflect her future, which she will become and the one she will not be. “The one I never was” is about Mary Marie and we will follow her teenage grown up to a middle age woman all happenings between. Its about politics, prisons, love affairs… but all circulate around that second of moment were she do kill her husband – or – lets her husbands to live. This only second of moment when nothing still has happened but all still can change.

Seven years later we will follow the results of these two possible happenings; she will be a murderer and go to prison or she will take care of her invalid husband and she will make a carrier on a minister post. In the book we will never know which one is the true Mary Marie or the woman in her fantasies. Both of them are known to each other. And still so very different futures both of them will end up at the same point: that she/them has to live with guild, the albatross on the throat, or get rid of it. None of the roads is correct – if one of them was lead to happiness it would have been perfect. But life is not that easy…"

Yesterday I went to my monthly meeting at the book club. We are a group of 10 people reading all same books and on our meetings we are discussing last book read. This book from my point of view started quite uninteresting but more read it I became more spellbound of content. It may you think about your own destiny and how circumstances can change your path drastically however the true written destiny can never be changed. It is all written there for you.


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dining Club

Some friends of mine have for long been talking about a dining club. You know this kind of meetings were you are cooking together after a special theme. Last night was kick-off for this club. My husband came home and asked – what do you want me to do? Nothing I answered, everything is prepared. Why don’t you make your self ready instead? He looked at me strangely and went into the shower. After a while he said to me again – are you sure everything is ready, they will be here any minutes? Yes, I said glancing up from my book I had started to read. Then I said, if you want to do something you can give the daughter her a porridge bowl. Once again he wrinkles his forehead but did not say more. He fed the daughter and said. It is almost 20.00 o clock now and you are still reading and I can’t feel any smell from food, where is the soup you’ve been talking about? I put down my book and said: Honey, it is a DINING CLUB that means we will cook every thing together THEN we will eat. He astonished like a fire hit him. Do you mean I am going to cook too? Yes, dear. Do I need to mention my husband never cook at home?

Anyway, our friends arrived and S started the same way as B. I can’t feel any food smell – wasn’t it supposed to be a dining club? I gave him a paper with the instructions of the food we were going to make. He stared at me at the same way as B did for some while ago. Are WE going to cook? Yes, that’s the point of this dining club. Everybody laughed!

It took us 1, 5 h to prepare this delicious dinner and I must say we all were very proud of the result:

Theme was France.
French onion soup

Main course:
Duck marinated in orange juice, garlic, olive oil and Chinese Soya sauce.
Baked potatoes
Carrots in honey
Red wine sauce

“Glace au four” – own baked ice-cream

We had a red Bourgeon wine and cold water to drink.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005



After been blogging for my daughter I realize I have such much more to say to you guys out there. And instead of mixing my thoughts about life and other things with my daughters life and development I decided to start this one.

It will be a blog containing happenings that makes your life worth living - like the title: Fill your days with life – not your life with days!

Carpe diem

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