This is some simple games I have found on the net. Klick on the picture, print it out and have fun!  
Help Pooh to find the hunny, klick on the picture for bigger size and print it out...

  Pooh and his friends in a memory game, klick on the picture for bigger size, print out two copies and cut each picture with a scissor.

Another labyrint, klick for bigger size and print out!

Are you going to have a birthday party? Klick on Pooh and you will get som ideas for your party!

  These following games you will need a pen, draw between the numbers, start with nr 1. When you are done - why don't you colour it?  
Right answers here
  "Find 5 faults" - something has happened with the pictures. Klick on the picture and try to find out what's missing...



Ior has lost his tail - help him to get it back - but you must put it on
e x a c t right place. Klick here to download (619 kb)

Card game where you have to klick on "snap" when the same card comes up next to each other. Play against your computer in different difficult levels. Klick here to download the game (545 kb)


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