Karin Inga Benjamínsdóttir

Karin Inga is born 15 of Februar 2006 at the Hospital Landspitali in Reykjavik. She was 51 cm tall and 3405 gram. Compare to her big sister Karin Inga has shown much calmer and cooler attitude Though she has lots of temperament when getting angry and has an extremly will. You can never force Karin to do something she doesn´t want. You never had to teach her about eating, like we did with her sister, she tries all food though if she don't like it is impossible to get her to eat it. Karin looks very like her mother while she has got her fathers eyes.

Karin like playing with things and she is often alone in her bedroom playing with dolls and other things. She hasn´t shown much interest of movies and tv. She adores her older sister and is watching all her steps.

At age of 1.5 she started to talk and though it is not very clear she can say many words.

The Name Karin Inga came also up in a very early stage if one more girl was expecting. Karin is taken from grand mother in Sweden and Inga is grand mother here in Iceland.

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