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Wednesday 4 of August
Tomorrow I have been here 6 weeks and I must say I have seen a lot already! Imagine I have been travelling around almost all Iceland - at least more than half of it. Still I need to see north but mom says it will come later. She believes my soul needs to rest a bit now, as a many things will happen in near future. I will get a new home! They have told me I will move to a new house in the end of this month. Mom has promised me an own room but the thing is - I don't know if I want to have one yet. I have realized it is so comfortable to wake up and there she is right away with my food. If I will get an own room she may be forgets me or even worse she can't hear me! But I can tell you I have a plan, which I have already started to try! Please do not tell anyone about my plan! You see my plan is to use my big voice if she can't hear me and I think it will work rather well. Yesterday when my mom needed to do some shopping I started to practise. I was just going to practise a little bit but then I realized the store was a very good place to practise in - everybody in the store could listen to my voice and they also did. Wow, you should have seen them I got attention from everyone, can you believe it? I was so proud of my self however my mom wasn't. I wonder why?

In September I am going to visit my grannies in Sweden. Mom has told me we will then go in an airplane. I wonder what an airplane is - do you think they will have a sleeping place in it? And Sweden - I wonder what Sweden is about - I mean mom has told me I live in a place called Iceland and that she is from a place called Sweden. I have also understood they are talking different; maybe that's why mom speaks different to me than my dad does. But when mom speaks with dad they speak the same - strange - I wonder why? She also told me it is so far away you can't go by car which I found a bit pity as I like cars especially when they are moving. I get so sleepy!

Anyway, conclusion of this time is I liked it more and more to be on the outside. I still can sleep well, I have plenty of food and I am starting to be very curious of all stuff I can see around me. My eyes are brighter and everything's is getting clearly.

And I have forgot - you have to see my nice horse Isafold, isn't she a beauty just like me?


Sunday 25th of June, 2005
All right! Happy Birthday to me - I am one month now! I can tell you I have grown a lot since I first time saw the light on earth! I am now almost 4 kg and now I can see much better. Still my favourite things are to eat and sleep but I can also use my voice so mom and dad know my will. Have I told you I am a horse-owner? Yapp, its true because when my mom realized she had got a foal the same day I was born she decided to give me this one. It's a black mare and it's so sweet! I have named it Isafold.

Last week my grandparents from Sweden came to visit me. Do I need to tell you they were happy to see me? So this week I have been travelling in the car over and over again. I think I can see myself as a professional traveller now. How many one months old has already seen half of Iceland? I don't know anyone, do you? If you visit my pictures you can see many nice pictures from our trip…

I have realized horses is something big in this family, today once again I was travelling in this car and this time we were also sitting in the car watching some horses running around and around. Dad said it was a big competition and that I had to be quiet and a nice girl. But I didn't want to sit still and be quiet its too boring! Meanwhile I was not eating every half hour I told them so and finally my dad gave up and we were on the road again. Hm, I wonder how many times I have been sitting in this car now?

This was all from now - see you soon!


Thursday 1 of July, 2004
Todays experience: My first bath and I met the yellow dog towel :o

Hi there!
Tonight at 23.03 I will be a one week old - time fly :)

I have had my first bath today and I can tell you I liked that a lot! My mom had bought me a very cool towel; at least she thought that, I am not sure if I agree to it I mean who will look like a yellow dog? It wasn't particularly nice to be in it either but they told me I had to if I wanted to have a bath, so OK because I don't want to miss this cosy warm feeling again.

There's one thing with mom, I have realized she loves shopping! Today the big sales started here in Reykjavik and guess that went there? Yep, mom of course! At least she bought stuff for me so it's ok. Dad found it quite ok too as he hates shopping; he says its not male behaviour. I wonder what I will think about it? They have told me I am a fathers girls and looks exactly like him so I should hate it just like him but then I am a girl like mom and dad says all girls like shopping, may be I do…

Well, anyway so far I like to be out side even if I have not seen much of it yet.

I will be back!
love Anna Björk


Saturday 26 of June


Yes, yes, yes... I made it! After 24 hours I finally got to see the REAL world. And my mom and dad could finally see me - Anna Björk Benjamínsdottír. My mom was tired after all pushing but you see, that's how it is, I mean I tried to help her but I need some space to come out and that takes time.

Well, anyway, I am glad to be here I have started to practising my new favourite hobbies: sleeping and eating. I have realized that my mom has everything I need - food and a cosy barm - how practical isn't that?

Still very tired so I think I will just write more an other day. If you are curious about me, have a look at some pictures...

bye for now
love Anna Björk

  Saturday 12 of June 2004
"if you want to make a song a litle bit happier
you can always put some "tidellipom" in between..."

Hi everyone,
My mom has then finally made this page for me. I can't say anything about it yet as I am still living in her big belly and will do for some while more. But I promise - I will as soon as I can!

My mom is complaining a lot now and I can just say likewise: Hello! It's getting short of space in here!! I can't practice my kickboxing any more, only make some small movements back and forward and only slowly stretching my legs. Mom says I'm getting heavy - me heavy?! Its nothing what she is!! Soon they will ask her to participate in sumo wrestling.

Anyway, it seems like my mom and dad has prepared almost everything for me now. They are talking about a very nice "sports-wagon" in some hot grey/black and red colours - sounds cool. Have a look at my pictures! Its not really fare you will see it before me but that's life…

My mom also says she has got some really nice clothes and stuff borrowed from her friends Karin and Matilda. I can just say THANK YOU very much - they have told me it's freezing outside so I will for sure need it. When mom was at their places I could hear some voices from some kids - hopefully I can play with them later.

Well, this was all for now - I will see you soon!


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