Wednesday 21. November 2007 - Saturday with mom

Karin and I had such a nice Saturday together with mom! First we had breakfast and then some movies - as always and then we went shopping in Smaralind, our great shopping centra. Before left mom told me I was going to get a new christmas dress as Karin would get the one I have had last years. There were plenty of them and it was rather tricky to find the one I liked most. Finally I did and while walking in the store mom found one too! How nice wasn't that? Mom told me we have to try it out and so we did. We went to the dressing room and I must say I have made a great choice. My dress in pink is just lovely. Mom bought a black dress.

When done I wanted to go for a movie. Next to this store it has a free movie for kids. First mom didn't want to go there while after I had told her about ten thousands times I really would like to watch some move she said ok. We sat there for almost an hour. Both Karin and I liked a lot. >br>
At home we were so tired after all shopping we all went to sleep for an hour or so. How nice wasn't that?

I have to tell you one funny thing that happened last night! Karin has become very found of dolls. And she's taking good care of them too. She hugs them, feeds them and when dad was going to bed he saw she had put both the dolls to bed on each mom and dad's pillow. Dad smiled a lot about it.

Fun times is arriving and mom has told us girls all about it! Tonight we are going to christmas decorate and on Sunday Christmas beginns. At least in mom's head. We will go to the church and then having some icelandic christmas food: Hangikjöt, which is hard smoked lamb meat. To that it is served white sauce, potatoes and green beans. Yummy. And of course do not forget Kung Bores starts on Saturday!

See ya!

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Wednesday 21. November 2007 - At the dentist

Yup it's true. Yesterday I went to the dentist for 3 years check. Mom was so proud of me though I found it very exciting. I opened my mouth as a lion and I had it opened all the time. The dentist counted my teeth - I have 20! She also cleaned some stuff away while she said I had no Karius neither Bactius! You know the Troll from the fairytale...

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Monday 19. November 2007 - Sickness and baking

I went sick last Thursday. It all started with high fever and throwing up. Virus. When all the bachteria had beaten the virus I got ear troubles - as usual. Mom took me to the doctor and I was very good. When we went into the doctors room I took his hand and introduced me "My name is Anna Björk and I have pain in one ear" The doctor smiled and said I was a good girl having all under control, He gave me penicillin and I am already getting better however mom is helds me at home today too. She said if I am alright today I will be allowed to see my friends at kindergarden tomorrow. I hope I will.

My siters hasn't been too kind to me while I have been sick. She has been teasing me a lot by stealing my pink bunny and been bothering me a lot while I have been lying in the sofa trying to watch movie. Mom tried instead to cheer us up. We went baking! First out we made gingers than we made a bread out of saffran. It was really fun!

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Tuesday 13. November 2007 - My first party.

Both Tursdays' and Friday's I was invited to birthday parties. First out was K and then BL. Both of the girls are in my class at kindergarden. I dressed up and mom had prepared gifts and cards. I had plenty of time though I think Friday party was one of a kind. BL lend me one of her princess dress and when mom came for picking me up she me and the other 11 girls dancing on the table all dressed up in princess dresses:)

There has been a while since mom wrote her but be patient she is working on this years christmas calendar I have heard so much about. Yeah, I have understood the thing with Christmas and guess what's on top of my list? Yup, you're right - a princess dress. We went to see Christmas decoration last Saturday. Time is soon coming up for Christmas!

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Friday 02. November 2007 - Princess.

It hasn't been up to any news as our week has been quite normal. Going to play school and kindergarden and then watching some TV and then time for bed. I am looking forward until tomorrow when mom has promised us kids to go to the woods - if it's not raining too much. Otherwise we will go swimming. Here are some pictures from this week and as you can see we have definatly reach "pricess age" :)

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Sunday 28. October 2007 - Lazy Sunday.
We haven't done much today. I went of course to my athletic course while after that I have been watching movies and we have been playing around Karin and I. We do come along very well and we are getting together and driving mom crazy ;) Yesterday evening we were dressing up in different clothes and I found mom's hat. I talked to grannies on the phone and you bet I am looking forward to going there over christmas

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Monday 25. October 2007 - A new design.
Mom has made a new design. She is still testing so it might be some bugs... be patient. Check out Christmas link. This will be exciting, believe me :)

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