Tuesday 29 April 2008
- An early walk

Everything I do Karin wants to do too. This morning mom put my boots in a plastic bag - as she forgot to bring them to my kindergarten yesterday. When mom handed it to me Karin wanted to have one too. Dad tried to explain she didn´t have anything to bring along. K went mad. She took off her cap handed it to mom and said she wanted a plastic bag. So far so good.

While walking she started to run - just like I did. Though it was a bit difficult to run with this big plastic bag. She let mom have the bag. Then she notice I was still with my bag - and was running too. She went back to mom and grabed the bag again. Then she was struggling with her bag all the way to kindergarten.

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Sunday 27 April 2008
- Saturday fun

Saturday was great. Dad was competing with his mare so we children and mom sat in the grass watching. And there was lots of children we had a great time playing with. Our stable neighbour had his grandchildren for visit and we played a lot and their dads were playing too. We laughed and laughed most of the time :)

Later today we are going up to Heidmörk, the forest, for some barbequing and playing. The sun is shining and looks promising to be outside :)

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Friday 25 April 2008
- Training has started for real

There is one thing with both me and my sister Karin.We both started by ourselves going on the closet. A while ago mom bought this to Karin though she has never forced her to do things with it. Karin has been watching it many times and sometimes she wanted to have a look and try. Today she grabed mom´s hand telling her wanting to go to the toilet. Karin was so happy she did

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Thursday 24 April 2008
- A great adventure

Mom and I had a great adventure today. She took me bicycling to the next side of our town. It took us about an hour to go there. I have never been bicycling so far from home before. It was very fun though sometimes a bit scary especially when we have to cross some street with heavy traffic. Mom held my hand and we walked while crossing the street.

Last weekend we went to the zoo. We enjoyed every minute watching all the animals and playing with all the fun things.

Today we are off kindergarten as we are celibrating "first day of summer". Mom gave us a summer gift; a movie made by Astrid Lingdren.

ps...there are new pictures in my gallery

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Thursday 17 April 2008
- Summer vacation in Sweden

It's true! We will spend our holliday in Sweden. Mom told us yesterday that we will go there in July and be there for 3 weeks. And best of all is that first out grannies will be here. Mom and dad are going away and grannies will take care of us during that time. That means we will spend about 5 weeks togehter. You bet we are looking forward!

Yesterday Karin told mom she wanted to speak with grannies on the phone so mom helped her. She can talk pretty well now and had a great conversation about her telling grandpa she plays a lot with the kids at the kindergarten.

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Tuesday 15 April 2008
- Markus Ingi

Both Karin and I admires our cusine Markus Ingi. And he came for a visit last Sunday. We ran towards him and huged him and we were thrilled to see him. All evening we didn´t turn his back for inches. :)

We also had the pleasure of having Kristin for visit. She is, after Markus Ingi, the one we like a lot. We had a great time in the wood where we were having hot dogs and playing socker.

And guess what! I tried gallop for the first time! And I liked it a lot. Dad brought me on a horse ride and suddenly we were running and jumping. I wanted to do it again and again!

Mom has put some pictures into the gallery. Pls have a look :)

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Monday 7 April 2008
- Skoppa og skritla

Yesterday mom brought us to the theater to see the play with "Skoppa og Skritla". We went there with our friends Johanna and Julius. The act was fantastic!

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