Tuesday 30. December 2008
- Pizza bakers.

Karin and I was baking pizza for mom and dad... and it tasted so good!
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Monday 29. December 2008
- Lazy Day.

We didn´t believe our eyes when we realized we slept until 11 o clock! After breakfast - or should we say lunch? - mom went out for a long walk. She thinks all the good things make her a little bit too filled up ;) During her stay outside Karin and I watched one of the movies we got for Christmas. I believe films comes on top the list for best thing to do. Mom thinks it is good for us to see lots of movies as we develop our languages by doing it. We always have Swedish audio turned on and as we in general hear icelandic most of the time it is very developing, that´s mom´s believes...

When mom got back we all went into the hot tube. Rest of the day we have spend doing as little as possible and we love it!
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Sunday 28. December 2008
- Muddy.

Last days it has been raining cats and dogs which of course made everything very slippery - and muddy

I think it took us less than a minute to turn our clothes into a brown muddy monsters... mom didn´t even manage finish dressing Karin until I was laughing and turned myself into the slippery mud. And of course when Karin’s saw what I did she laughed like never before and turns to the mud too. Dad didn´t believe his eyes when he saw us. We went to the play garden and had a great time together with mom and dad. While back dad took the rubber tube and cleaned us outside.

Can you imagine how fun that was?
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Saturday 27. December 2008
- Arrived in Monkey Lake.

We got the news it had a network connection while we now can give you small glimpse into each day here in "Monkey Lake" Dad filled up the hot tube and we had a nice bath with a black sky filled with thousands of stars.

Can it be any better?
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Friday 26. December 2008
- Heading for the countryside.

Later today we will pack our things and head for one weeks vacation in the countryside. So nice!

Have a nice end of 2008 and a happy new 2009!
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Thursday 25. December 2008
- Merry Christmas.

Karin and I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Yesterday was fantastic. We started very early by going to our forest having breakfast and lighting a fire... then eating and eating and eating... at 18 we went to the Church for blessings and both Karin and I managed to behave very well and sat still most of the time.

Grandpa Markus came in the evening and finally it was time to open all our presents.

Thank you all for very nice gifts!
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Wednesday 17. December 2008
- This years Christmas tree.

We both were really exited about decorating our Christmas tree... it is now not many days left for Christmas. Isn´t it a nice tree that we have?
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Tuesday 16. December 2008
- Lucia and sickness.

Saturday morning I woke up with a sore throat and fever... and I was so sad as I really didn´t want to skip Lucia. Mom gave me some ace pills and I did perform that night. It all went so well and I am so happy about it!
br> During the Sunday Kristin, our aunt, took care of us and we went to the theater and the newest Madagascar. It was so fun!

At the moment both Karin and I are sick at home...

Tonight we will decorate our Christmas tree :)
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Friday 12. December 2008
- Performance.

This week has been filled with Lucia performance and mom is so proud of me. You see, for a four year old girl it isn´t always easy to listen, know all the songs by yourself, standing still, hold a candle – especially if audience is about hundred and more... For this Lucia concert I have learnt nine songs, I am wearing a white dress, holding a candle (not a real one) walking in a line and standing still for about 20 minutes singing all the songs. And I find it so fun and I know mom once wrote I will in future be a performing star. And you bet I will one day! This is my life.

Tomorrow is the big Day and we will perform at the church. We are expecting about 300 in the audience and concert will be about one hour. We smallest children will not participate all the time while about half of it.

Kristin my aunt and grandpa Markus will listen and of course dad. I have also heard our friends Ingvar and Ingibjörk will come and enjoy our concert. Dad has promised to tape it on video and I can say for sure: This will be one of a kind!
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Wednesday 10. December 2008
- Ginger bread.

Yesterday evening I had my best friends from kindergarten on a visit. We were supposed to bake ginger bread. And we did. One. The excitement had been on the top all day and we were so happy and were looking so much forward to have them visit our place so when we all came along it was no time for baking. It was much more fun to play along with my tools and catch a movie...

Mom finished the baking...

Today I will perform Lucia at IKEA. Time is filled with preparation for our great concert we have on Saturday. Tomorrow we will be at the church, on Friday one more visit at a company and then is the day D. Wow, I am looking forward. I have learnt all songs by now and I have also understood the thing standing still and holding a candle. Well, not a real one a batteries’ candle.
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Monday 8. December 2008
- We have met Santa

Mom told us that we would visit Santa’s home. She continued he has arrived and stays at the moment in our forest where he lives with his animals until Christmas Eve when he will knock on our door and put presents under the Christmas tree. I wasn’t so sure if I wanted to believe her or not it might be a bit of a fake... that he does not live in the forest as in my kindergarten they tell me he lives in the mountains. Many stories to tell... maybe she was right... or maybe not.

Anyhow, Saturdays we all went up to our forest Heidmörk were we met up with lots of people I know from moms work. The children were invited to. And suddenly while we were having a hot dog barbeque someone dressed in red and white started to yell and believe it or not – it came from the forest. Karin and I didn’t believe our eyes and I must admit both Karin and I was a bit of scared. It was Santa Claus!!

We sang and danced for a long time and then he gave us presents and candy. Nice. Now I know mom was right...
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Monday 1. December 2008
- Christmas begins

Weekend has been, how I can say it correctly, a very busy filled with lots of fun and Christmas things to do. We started as usual to the athletic class that is always a very nice thing to do. Then mom had thousands of projects for us.

First out was baking the Swedish Christmas bread „lussebulle“and both Karin and I took carefully part in all steps. Well, then I wanted to design mine by myself so I made „Pippi Långstrump“. Karin made a huge ball.

Second out was going to the flower store to buy some candles as mom always makes her own advent light decoration. While in the store that by the way was complete filled with other people I told mom we should buy some more decorations. She agreed and both Karin and I choose Rudolf, you know the one with the red nose...

After all projects we had enough and had some relaxing time and watch some TV.

Sunday mom woke up very early as she said it was first Sunday in Advent which means after three candles I will get my Christmas presents. Mom explained the real truth about Christmas and I still wonder who the little baby Jesus is.

Anyway, we manage to do a ginger house that mom later on managed to destroy... while that´s another story. Time for church and mom dressed us girl up in our new Christmas dresses and she made my hair curly. I was prettier than any other princess at least what dad said. Dad is always right you know.

Our visit to the church was – how can I say – interesting. I don’t really get the thing by sitting still for such a long time while it was very nice to hear all songs. The priest told us a story written by a young boy from third grade. It was a very fun story, believe me, and the audients laughed a lot. I liked the priest very much.

Last out was a visit to the Santa world that one of the flower stores creates here each Christmas. Nice day came to an end.

This morning mom read about Kung Bores Rike, återkomsten for me and Karin. I think it will be quite exciting adventure, don’t you think?
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