Thursday 28. February 2008
- Mom says "rosa"

Yesterday evening we went early to bed and mom read lots of books. I love this time when mom is reading because she finds out so many things arround one page. First out was the book with all the animals. Both Karin and I could pint point out all of them correct. We also counted them and told what colour each had. Second book was about colours and when we came to my favourite color that is pink I said "bleikur" which is the icelandic name for pink. Then mom continued, yes that's correct while we have a special way of explaining things as both Karin and I speaks two languages; the languages mom has and the one dad has. To be able to seperate things I always says: dad says "bleikur" and mom says... then I stopped and asked mom; what do you say? She answered "rosa" I repeted: dad says "beikur" and mom says "rosa". I was so proud of me!

This morning mom reminded me of yesterdays lesson and I remembered everything. Dad was proud too. You see, sometimes I am also a very good teacher because dad tells me things in Swedish. He can not do that! Like this morning when he asked me where is your "mössan" (cap) I gave him a definite answere: "Dad says "huva" and mom syas "mössa"!!

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Wednesday 27. February 2008
- Happy Birthday old grand ma - 90 years old!

later... Story tells about a drawing

I would like to draw, Anna Björk told her mom. Fine mom said, and went to pick up colours and papers she got last christmas. When back she asked her what to draw. I will draw a flower, Anna Björk answered while She draw the one in the middle. I will draw one more flower this time a big one, Anna Björk continued. It is the next to the right. Once more she draw a flower this time a small one. It is a baby, she said. Mom noticed Anna Björk always starts with the flower steam and this time she made the spot then she chaged her mind and told me she would do a smile. She made a big one and then she looked at her mom: It is Karin.

Now Anna Björk changes colour and started to draw - I will do grand mother, she wears glasses and you can see two green dots on the one to the right. Then she also draw grand father mext to grand ma. She looked at the drawing then she pin pointed out: mom, dad, Anna Björk, Karin Inga, grandma and grandpa. Then she made one more and this time it was the tallest one. It is a bear and it is hunting all of them. Everybody rans home!

At the end she draw the sun with sunbeam :)

end of story.

Old Grand ma is 90 years old. Amazingly age and imagine she was in my age 1922. The world was lots of different then. The second world was hasn't even began. Here are some statements that happened 1922,the year she was 4 years old. However, here are some statements that happened 1918 the year she was born. It was a great year as World war 1 ended and peace on earth occured. We all wish her the best and we are looking forward to her 100 aniversary!

This morning Karin Inga went for a check out for length and weight. She has grown a lot and is 91 cm and 13.5 kg. Much bigger than I was.

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Monday 25. February 2008
- A new helmut for Karin

On her birthday the other day Karin got a helmut. A pink one. While as she as bigger than kids in her age the helmut was a bit too little. Saturdays we changed it to a bigger size. This time a red one. Karin liked it even more and refused to take it off wearing it all day :)

Weekend has been really great and filled with lots of activities. First out was our athletic course and as every time we loved it a lot! Afternoon we spent in the stable. Mom and I went for a long ride on Rodi and when coming back Karin asked for a ride too. As she is so little mom hasn't dared to take her on any longer rides while now she has her own helmut she could at least try a small ride. So they did. Karin loved it. Mom also let her try tölt and she laughed and liked it so much she never wanted to stop.

Sunday morning we went early to the stable and we helped mom to clean stable floor and then we arranged Rodi. There is only one thing that is actually very annoying I have to share Rodi with Karin and we were fighting about who's next...

More to come and mom made us waffels and served it with hot chocolate. Yummy! Ingvar and Ingibjörk also came to have some too...

We ended the day by going to the swimming pool. It has been quite a while since last time and I think Karin had forgotten about it. While it didn't take her long until she understood what's going on and she was so thrilled when she so the great pool. Maybe it was this exitement that made her do a poo... ooops;) Mom acted quickly and her bathing suite was made for this kind of disaster. After some cleaning we could go out swimming again!

Yesterday was "konudagur" (=the womens day) and dad gave mom a red rose. I said to mom that dad liked her and she answered me, do you really think so. I nodded and said he does it a lot :)

As you notice we are always doing nice things here in Iceland though it now and then occurs us we are missing grandpa's a lot. Each time we see an airplane we are talking about how it is going on the plane to see grannies. We have a picture of them in our bed room and Karin is playing with it each time she's getting dressed. Grandpa was always playing with her "taking her nose" and she is imagine that she is taking off grandpa's nose... mom asked her what she did and she answered "taka näsan" (take his nose)

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Wednesday 20. February 2008
- Kinderkarten acceptance

Karin has settle down at kindergarten and she likes being there a lot. When mom picked her up today she was painting on a black board with all the other children and she didn't even bother to say "hello mommy" until she had finnished that she was doing. Good sign! This has also made me more calm and nowadays I do not cry when mom is saying good bye. I guess mom is quite relieved about this.

There is only one bug now and Karin has to be picked up at 14 each day. So mom has to work from home 2 hours every day. It works fine though while we hope Karin will get longer day very soon.
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Monday 18. February 2008
- Princess party

Yesterday we celebrated Karin Inga. Our theme was princess and both I and Karin were wearing our nice princess dress. I had been talking about it all day and you know it is very tirering to prepare for such event. When we finally had have a bath and were dressed up we fall asleep... and slept until our guest came. Karin got lots of presents and I did too :) Me like birthday parties!

Today we both have been to kindergarten and it went really well. It was nice to see all friends again after a short sickness brake and we were playing a lot. Last evening mom asked what was most fun and I told her being in the gymnastic class I like most of all. Karin likes it too and we are always looking forward to each Saturday when we are going to Breidablik.

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Friday 15. February 2008
- Our little princess is 2 years old!

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet sister Karin Inga who is 2 years old!

I don't know if it was her start in life that made her so calm when she was just a little baby. Ónly three weeks old she suffered of RS-virus a bad combination of bad cold and virus that attacked her lungs. It took her almost a month to recover. After that she was a very still baby and was actually quite lazy. Moving around neither exercising wasn't her thing. She never complained and was sweet almost all the time. I can promise you all of that is gone today...

She has grown to be a very charming little sweetie with lots of power and she is stubborn like no one else. There is nothing wrong with her will and she get so pissed off if someone tries to fool her or trying to let her do things she's not up to. Though she is in a good mode almost all the time and is very charming. Her soul is very strong and she get's alls' attention every where. She has a great imagination and is playing a lot with toys. Dolls, dogs and cats are her favourites and she is putting them to sleep and feeding them. Her vocabulary is rather good and she understands differences between icelandic and swedish.

Karin New born

Karin 1 year old

Karin 2 years old

Karin playing with her toys she got this morning.

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Tuesday 12. February 2008
- Day 2

It was Karins second day at kindergarten. First she found it very exiting and was playing with all children and the toys.While when mom was going to grab a cup of coffee she refused to be alone. She cried and screamed like never before all the time until mom came back. We hope it is getting better tomorrow.

Dad went with me this morning and it went ok. My teacher's says I am a bit mommy sick and thats why it is so difficult to say good bye to her in the morning. And may be it is so?

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Monday 11. February 2008
- Time flies

So many things have happened I don't know where to start. Let's give it a try though:) Today has been a big day for Karin as she has started in kindergarten. She will be at the same school as I am though another department. I am in Krummahreidur and she has started in a department for very small children: Trastahreidur. She has been waiting for a start here since September last year. A lack of staff has been the reason. Mom and dad are very relieved she finally gets to start.

Weekend has been great filled with lots of fun time with mom and dad. Saturdays Karin started same athletic class as me and she was so proud. We got a t-shirt from the club and she probably grew several centimeters and felt very big and important. She also managed to do things right and could stand in line pretty well. Sundays we were in the stable most of the day and mom and I went horseback riding. Rodi was very nice and we tried almost all gates though not gallop.

What else to tell. YES! For some while ago mom and I went to see Pinocchio, an act at the theater here in Reykjavik. I liked it a lot and it was very funny when his nose started to grow. The stage was very well done and actors were playing it fantastic.

Actually mom and dad are doing much trying to cheer me up. I don’t know while I guess I have reached a 4-years development and there are many things that is not really in order. I have been very sad and very often I refuse my day care, especially in the mornings when I have to say good bye to mom. I have been crying a lot and find life a bit difficult. Mom says it will get better soon and I think she’s right. Today was a better day…

Karin is playing with many toys at home and best of all is the great dog she has named Conrad.

And guess what! On Friday Karin will be 2 years old. Happy Birthday to her!

So until then take care!

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