Tuesday 30. September 2008
- At the zoo

Mom and dad weren´t at home last weekend so we had to stay at our friends Ingvar and Ingibjörk. And we had a lovely time! They brought us to the zoo, to the swimming pool and yes, it was so great we told mom we wanted to go there again very soon. You bet we were pleased as yesterday was off from kindergarten we once again could visit the zoo. It was a great sunny day and we saw the seals, pigs, cows and reindeers. In the end of the park it is has a play area filled with fun stuff to play with. After several hours later we were so tired we fall asleep in the car back home.

This morning we told mom we had to wear better clothes and I told mom I wanted my “lazy town” winter dress. I was lucky dad bought a big one as I fit into it even this year. All my teachers and friends told me how lucky I was wearing the lazy town outfit. Small things can make my world so much better!

Most all I know finds me a very cleaver girl. I don´t know if I have mention it while we are always counting “our best friends” may come the birth day party. It is some kind of expression we use if we are friends or not. If not you are not my friend, you are not welcome to my birthday party. This weekend Ingvar teased me and told me I was not invited to his birthday party. While I just glimpsed at him telling “you don´t have birthday now, it is in June” He lost his reply…

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Monday 22. September 2008
- To the theater

Saturday was a huge day for K. We went to the theater. She woke up very early and started to ask when it was time to go the theater. She was so excited and mom had promised us candy, pop corn and coca cola. Usually we never get coca cola and very seldom candy. All this excitement so when half of the movie was left K went to sleep. Totally exhausted.

Yesterday we were helping mom and dad to clean in the stable. I am looking forward to the winter when we will bring in the horses. I miss my horse Rodi very much. .

Afterwards we went to the swimming pool and weekend was completed!
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Tuesday 16. September 2008
- Karin Inga September 2008

Time flies, it is not too long until little "Titti" is getting 3 years old. While we have quit calling her Titti and is now listening to her full name Karin Inga.

Much has changed since she was a small baby when she didn´t do much for a thing for anything. She was one of the calmest babies I have ever seen.

Not much left there... She is funny with an enormous temperament and she shows it whenever something doesn´t go her way. Even though she a little sister she take completely control of her older sister and she the one in charge, no doubt about it. She doesn´t take no for an answer and if no one helps her she do the thing by herself. This also makes her extremely strong for her age. She has no problem at all to move a chair and to climb up if she needs to reach something she was for a second ago not allowed to grab. Her way is the high way. If she still gets a no for an answer she gets completely mad. Do we need to tell she spends lots of time in her bed room when mom finds her too much and thinks she has to think one more time about her behavior? Because mom is strong too and is not letting her little sweetie totally take control at home. She would definitely do if she was allowed to.

This might sound like lots of trouble while of course she has lots of nice qualities too. And this strongest is something mom recognize in herself. This child will run the world one day.
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Thursday 11. September 2008
- Just like an elephant

This morning Karin followed me into the toilet and stood next to me all the time while I did my morning toilet. After a while I farted. Karin was so surprised "Oh, mommy, just like an elephant, she cried.

Kind of cute.
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Wednesday 10. September 2008
- Lambcollecting

Being in the country side is probably the best thing I ever know. I told mom and dad several times I didn´t want to go home. It was so much to do and so much to see.

And I saw a dead lamb.

It had probably been running to its death and I saw it lying in the grass while we were gathering the other lambs together. I told mom it had gone to heaven. Then I told dad we had to call a priest and make a white coffin. I know this because I took part in a funeral last weekend. Well, at least I was at the church a short while and mom explained to me it was a lady lying in the white box and that the man in the white dress was called a priest and he helped us to say good bye to her. Then she will go to heaven just likes the mother of Lina Longstocking.

Anyway, collecting lamb was fun and I could help a lot. I am very good in helping. I am also helping mom and dad a lot with most of the things. Karin is too small. And I also tell her that she is. She gets mad of me telling me that I am not welcome to her birthday party. Because the thing is I tell her too when I get mad on her she is not welcome to my birthday party and also when I am getting mad of mom or dad they are neither welcome to my birthday party.

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Friday 05. September 2008
- Full of expectation

This morning the girls were full of expectation. It started once the woke up - today it was going to be an autumn feast at the kindergarten and all the children shall be dressed up in different outfits. And of course my girls chosen princess style. You can imagine how exiting this was and how important that everything was in order and had to be pink. Everything had to be pink; socks, sweaters and the dress except for Karin’s red boots that she loves most of all. She hasn´t been wearing any other boots since she got them a week ago and she adores it.

It will be fun to hear their stories later on.

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Thursday 04. September 2008
- For the first time

A very proud mom present I wrote my name all by myself yesterday! I have shown great interest for letters for some time now and when I had made a "book" at the kindergarten mom saw I had been drawing plenty of letter. I started to read for mom and then she asked me if I wanted to guide me how to write "for real". Of course I wanted. I had written all my letters in the book while mom guided my in which order it had to be. Those letters above is my name and I have done it all by myself though with some guiding from mom how to put it right.

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Tuesday 02. September 2008
- Heidmörk

One of our favorite places here in Reykjavik is definitely Heidmörk. It is not a big forest though still a forest. And we spend lots of time there especially during the weekends. So we did even this one. Mom told us early Sunday morning we would go there for picking some blue berries. Karin LOVE blue berries so she started to jump around longing to go right away.

And it was plenty of blue berries! We picked 3 liters in less than one hour. When done our friends Ingvar and Ingibjörk showed up and we had some barbequing before going home. Weather conditions are still pretty good while we had our first storm last week with 51 m/s. You bet it was tough to be outside.

And guess what! Next weekend we will go to Kaldamelar in Borgafjörður for bringing in the lambs! Mom will go riding with our grandfather while on Sunday we will all be together and helping with organizing the lambs. It is usually very fun!

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