Wednesday 24. June 2009
- Happy Birthday to me!

Hipp Hipp hurray! Today I am 5 years old!

I am 113 cm tall and is 17,8 kg!

Dad, mom and Karin woke me up early this morning and I got lots of presents. I liked most of all my new shoes! And my Barbie fairytopia... and I got lots of other nice things. Karin got some too while she was a bit jealousy. Later today I will have the girls - and Gunnar - on a party. Mom has made cake and we will serve pizza and coca cola.


Saturday 20. June 2009
- Midsummer feast

This is a Swedish tradition: Midsummer feast. All children and grown up is decorating a tree, singing and dancing and afterwards all is joined together for a great feast. One of the main courses is herring. Mom made a herring cake that tasted really yummy :)

And most of all it was fun that Johannas neighbour is very good at face painting. Aren´t we beautifuls?


Wednesday 17. June 2009
- Independent day

Today we have celebrated the independent day - national day of Iceland. This is our tradition folk dress. We went up to our dad´s hometown Borganes and where lots of people had gathered together for waving with flags and celebrating the day, We had a greatful day and lots of joy. :)


Tuesday 09. June 2009
- About "things"

It was one of those freezing days here in Iceland and their mom was not able to lock the car. It was frozen. Sometimes you do not fix things until it is too late. Their mom was on her way to the gas station to buy car door oil while something’s always came up and she postponed the visit. Day two in the morning mom understood someone had made an unwelcome visit and gone through the car. As it still was very dark she didn´t notice any burglary and drove to work. Later in daylight she notices the front to the CD was missing.

In the beginning it was a hard lost while a long time past we their mom got use to not letting her girls listening to any while driving. The girls also got use to it and managed quite well in the car playing with their things instead. We especially remember when the horses were brought to town and the girls were sitting in the car from nine in the morning to very late in the evening. No arguing, no complaining and very quite... and it was amazing to understand how luxurious things not really are necessary for small children. In many ways it is the parents that makes these habits and creates expectations that wasn´t there from the beginning.

It took their mom five months to get her thumb out to buy a new CD recorder to the car. And their dad installed it last Sunday. Yesterday none of the girls want to leave the car. It was a luxurious thing and a new discovered feeling. It made both of the girls so thrilled and it was no end of happiness and counted all the stories they next wanted to listen to.

And as we are heading for a five days horse trip and the girls will be sitting in the car most of the days this was one of those „good buys“mom has made in a very long time.

Tuesday 02. June 2009
- Growing up

It occurred to mom that her little girls have started to grow up. Though her first born always will be her little baby this picture wake her up and said she is not a little helpless baby any more. She has become a girl with her own interest and her own way of behavior. Very shortly she will turn five and has only one year left until she starts school. The time will never stop so it is best to enjoy every minute. Childhood is lovely while so short and one day it will be AnnaBjörk who will be the one looking at her child growing up...

Some of us think time is endless while in the overall picture it is just a second in our human living circle. And you never know how long it last. A message from a friend gives us deep thoughts and understanding how important it is to take care of each other and put a smile into each day. His little girl is suffering from a badly cancer. Will she survive or is she only blessed with a very short time left? And it is important to understand the givens of happiness that each day gives us. No matter how we wake up, in a bad mode, if we are happy, angry or frustrated over something small unimportant like a thing or someone that makes us upset. It is your family that keeps you going and that brings us this extra little smile even when we are dark in heavy thought.

We send all our regards to our friends in Netherlands. Bless her sweetie to be well and survive.

Summer months have return and we are as every all year planning lots of things. First out is going to the theatre to see a play called „Kardemumma city“It is children show and I think mom bought tickets several months ago.

Next week we are heading for a four days long horse riding tour...

Stay tuned!

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