Thursday 28. May 2009
- Dad is back

Tuesday dad was back and we were so happy to see him! I assume the best thing when dad – or mom – has been away they always bring us gifts. This time dad gave us Hello Kitty candy, a „Dora the explorer“ movie and Lina Longstocking memory game.

Summer has definitely arrived here in Iceland and yesterday we were out playing in the sunshine. Today it is raining cats and dogs while it seems like it will be a bit better tomorrow. Summer time and we have one problem. It is too light and both Karin and I have difficulties to sleep in the evening. I mean how is it possible to go to bed when light is like in the middle of the day – 24 hours a day? Even though we only get midnight sun for only a couple of days in the middle of June still we don’t get any darkness. Mom says we don’t need as much sleep as in the wintertime while I assume it would be a bit better if we slept one hour earlier than we do today. At least it feels like that when mom is trying to wake us up in the morning when both of us just turn around in our bed asking mom to leave.

Soon it will be ok as we are pretty soon leaving for summer vacation. Due to economic crisis here in Iceland mom will get a long summer holiday. And soon it is time for my birthday and then it will only be a couple of days left for heading to Sweden.

Life can’t be any better!!

Sunday 24. May 2009
- Alone with mom

While dad left us for one week of work in Norway we girls have had a busy time of doing fun things with mom. I guess our greatest explore was to climb Esja, the mounting surrounding Reykjavik. Well, we did not climb all the way to the top though to the platform four which is about 420 m above sea. It took us several hours and you bet we were so happy when we set our goals.

The occasion was to kidnap and celebrate one of mom´s friends who had 40ths birthday and thing were to climb and serve her lunch at the platform three. I can tell it is a tremendous view and she was so surprised of us first bringing her up in the mountain and too serve her this delicious lunch – turkey, potatoes salad, vegetables, white wine and creamed cake as desert.

Fridays our aunt Kristin came for visit as she was going to help mom taking care of us girls as dad will not return until Tuesday. Mom went horse riding and Kristin took us to the cinema. It was shown a masterpiece of the Grimm brothers about the cat and his boots. We enjoyed the time very well and I guess mom did too. In the evening we went to a concert as it was an art festival here in Reykjavik.

Sunday and we had a cheerful day with long walk in our forest, spending time in the stables and then we went swimming.

Yeah, it has been a grateful time with mom while we now are longing very much that dad is coming home. See pictures here

Monday 11. May 2009
- Anna Björk is counting down

Lately Anna Björk has developed her behaviors’ and is more often using the expression ”mom, can we talk” and the interesting point is that she is running her conversation like she was in moms age. This is by the way very common for children whose naturals is two languages in which one will contain expressions and vocabularies from a grown up rather than a child. Nowadays DVD´s will help much though the simplest explanations she doesn’t hear any Swedish children talk Swedish. That means on the other hand her Icelandic is more on a natural age level as. Make sense, right?

Anyway, story to tell Anna Björk is counting down her trip to Sweden and she has started to dream about all the things she will do when she finally gets there.

Following scene was heard at the breakfast one early morning.
“Mom can we talk, Anna Björk sad seriously
Yes, mom answered.
When we will go with the air plane I would like to sit next to the window. And I will have orange to drink and I will have my head set on and I will watch a movie.
Yes, you can do that. Mom a bit amazed about her awareness.
And mom, when I am at grand ma´s place I will visit Santa Clause land (note: A special family park where Santa lives)
And when we have gone to our summer house I will go with the boat and buy ice cream.

At this point mom is really impressed that this small child really remembered all the things she explored last year. “

To my Swedish readers:
Mamma, får jag prata med dig.
När vi går på Sverige (notera PÅ) och flyga flygplan ska jag sitta vid fönstret. Jag ska dricka djuse (islänsk brytning på juice) och jag ska titta på film.
Och jag ska gå på Tomteland och så ska jag åka båten och köpa glass.

Yesterday we had our friend Julius on a visit at the stable. We had waffles, jam and cream. And we were playing outside. Lots of fun!

Thursday 07. May 2009
- Today´s thought

Mom, I would like to go flying to grand ma´s, Anna Björk told her mom very early this morning. It is not that long left until we will, she answered her daughter. You see, let me explain mom showed on her fingers now it is May you know soon mom will have her birthday, then it is June and what happens in June? I have my birthday, Anna Björk replied. July is after June and then we will go by airplane to grand ma. Anna Björk looked at her mom „after two days then” while she counted mom´s fingers...

Wednesday 06. May 2009
- Weekend riding tours

We had a long weekend off last week. 1 of May is basically the „workers“ day and everyone is off work and is suppose to go listening to politic speakers. Well, mom and dad did not. And we girls were of course happy about that! May is the month when we usually start our longer riding tours and so we did even this year. First out was an eight hours ride to the Pub in Laxness. By the way you may recognize the word Laxness as it is named after Halldor Laxness that was a Nobel Prize winner in Literature 1958. Anyway the pub in Laxness is actually a horse rental place that is very popular for tourists to visits. In moms early days here in Iceland’s she used to work there during the weekends for the purpose of her getting to know more people and of course to be able to get on a horse back.

Anyway, weather was kind of funny and what we sometimes call – typical Icelandic weather as you get all kind of weather seasons in one day. It started badly with snow and rain... actually I think dad was quite happy it wasn’t him to start. He was to drive the car and take care of us girls. The ride from our stable to Laxness is about three hours ride and you cross the hills that have a magnificent landscape and views. Further you go across the Mosfells valley and end up to Laxness horse farm that is places very beautiful nearby the Esja Mountains.

On our way we met a huge group of horse people that had decided to cross our road. We also met two other friends and we kept company all the ways left to Laxness were we girls and dad was waiting. After some resting it was time for dad to continue the trip and mom drove the car. It is quite funny on our way back we ride along the road 1 and I wonder how many capitals’ to have horse riding roads next to main road?

This was a time we will remember and I think more tours are planed later on.

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