Friday 27. March 2009
- the little boy

Anna went inside, the little boy said to mom when she yesterday came to pick her girls up from the kindergarten. The boy followed mom all the way inside and pin pointed to Anna that smiled with all her face. The boy continued to follow us to the dressing room where Anna got her jacket and shoes. Are you done yet, mom asked her, the little boy moved forward next to Anna and gave her hair a gently touch. Anna looked at him and said good bye.

Later in the car I asked Anna who the little boy was. It is Himnir Freyr, she replied. He likes you, right? Yeah, and I like him too. End of discussion.

How sweet isn’t that?
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Thursday 26. March 2009
- One normal evening

It was time for a bath and mom had filled up the hot tub with nice warm water. Karin had already gone into the water while I sat in front of the TV. From the bathroom I could hear mom asking if I was on my way to the bath yet. Mom got no answer. Mom continued to wash Karin. Are you not coming yet, mom asked one more time? No answer. She left Karin and asked me once more, what you are doing, what is so interesting. She sat down next to me.

After several minutes Karin yelled from the bathroom. MOM, I am done! She got no answer.

MOOOOM, I am done!!!!

Both mom and I jumped up from the sofa... ok, time for a bath. was a makeover show where a girl was stylized into a new person. She got new clothes, new hair style and new makeup, well you name it.

Such a mom, such a daughter!


Today we celibrate grandpa Lars on his 70th birthday! Hipp, Hipp, Hurra!
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Monday 23. March 2009
- Karin the leader

Why is it always me parenting her, mom asked while she told Karin to stay in her room until she knew how to behave better. Dad did not reply. Later dad gave his part telling Karin she cannot always get what she want and it is not allowed to yell each time things doesn´t go her way.

This morning mom went for a yearly parenting interview at the kindergarten. She had already been talking to my teacher so this time it was Karin´s teacher. She honored Karin as a perfect child and one of the best she had in her group. She is very positive is always willing to create things and she is good in most of the things we do, she continues. Mom tells her side of the story about Karin’s strong will and that nothing really can stop her for not getting the things she wants. The teacher said, she is a strong character and her will is one top of a kind. She is definitely a leader in the group and it is very seldom other kids can control her more often is the other way around Karin controls the children.

Karin Inga – a name and character to remember

As I told you we went to the church for our favorite play “Peter and the Wolf” This was a part of the weekly “Sunday school” the Christian school for children. I liked the priest at once and I think Karin did too. After the church mom told us that she went to this kind of school when she was in my age and asked if we liked to take part in this school. Both Karin and I agreed and I am already looking forward to next Sunday.

After the church we went to the stables and it was fun like always though Karin – once again – managed with her strong will to destroy our riding lesson as she didn´t allow me to go horseback riding. She refused to go off the horse. Mom put the horse back into the stable and we went for a swim instead.

At supper mom served Icelandic lamb sirloin with traditional potatoes, gravy, cole slaw, corns and beans. I put all the food by myself on the plate and when done I told mom to take a pictures – just like she does now and then…

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Saturday 21. March 2009
- Early morning

As all other weekends we are up early in the morning and mom is wondering how it can be we are always so tired in the week days while as soon it is Saturday we are up and running before eight o clock? It might be all the nice things on telly... At the moment we are watching Playhouse Disney. Later today we are heading for our best friends Johanna and Julius! How nice!

Tomorrow our favourite show - Peter and the wolf - will perform at the church and mom has promised we will go there!

Stay tuned!
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Sunday 15. March 2009
- New shoes

Karin Anna

We did find the shoes Karin was longing for and she wore it all day and had it even on when going to bed... In the middle of the night she woke up screaming. She had lost her shoes! Mom had to search and Karin had the shoes next to her all night :)

The birthday party was so fun! And don´t you think my hair looks great too?

Weather is still very bad and today it is snowing and blowing like never before. Lucky there are fun things to do thogh weather conditions are bad and we recently came back from the yearly horse show "Aeskan and the horse" It is a horse show with only kids and made by kids. We had a very good time and laughed a lot. Mom has promised that next year we will too participate!
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Saturday 14. March 2009
- Awareness

Karin Anna

Mom, can you buy pink shoes with Dora – the explorer – just the one like Hilda-Margret has? Karin asked me last night. Actually I had notice the shoes earlier that day and it did sweep my mind just those shoes would fit Karin very well... I wonder who in this family inspires her buying shoes.

Today I am invited to a birthday party. It is my very best friends the twins Hulda Maria and Gunnar that is having their 5th birthday. We met HuldaMaria and her father at the shopping centre last night and she had got a pink ice cream. Do I have to tell you we begged for one too? And this time it was an easy thing begging as dad was with us. It is not very often dad is with us when shopping and mom never says yes while dad on the other hand always says yes... When mom saw the great ice-cream she replied, and there went this night’s dinner appetite. Dad smiled and answered if his angels want ice-cream they should get ice-cream. Mom smiled, fine for me, than you tell the girls to finish their dinner tonight. Do I have to mention we had difficulties finishing our supper?

At the moment mom is cooking fish balls we will later have today while I am watching a movie and Karin is playing with the rock horse. We are very unlike each other and Karin loves to play with toys while I prefer a movie watching it all over and over again...
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Tuesday 10. March 2009
- Waffels

Mom is not doing her work! It might be that she has too much to do while I think she should have this site updated more often, don´t you think? Anyway, weekend was great! We are pleased with wonderful winter and as days are getting longer the sun is getting warmer too. We were out in the stable almost all weekend and Karin and I played along and had a great time!

Sundays we had lunch - hamburgers - in the stable and in the afternoon mom made waffels. If it is one thing Karin loves it is waffels (and pancakes) Mom neither dad didn´t believe their eyes when Karin and I asked for one more until it was only one left!

Yesterday we went to visit our neighbours Tinna Run and Atli who both of them are at the same kindergarten. Karin found it so fun she didn´t want to leave when mom came for bringing us back to home. I hope we will visit them soon again.
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Tuesday 3. March 2009
- Update

Yesterday mom came home after being on a long weekend trip to Sweden. Both Karin and I were so happy to see her again and guess what? She brought us plenty of presents! I got cartoon magazines with Disney Princess and she gave Karin Winnie the Pooh. Too I got new shoes to wear in the stable and we got several new DVD´s. Though we of course miss mom while she was away we enjoyed our time with dad. Saturdays we were helping dad organizing and throwing away garbage and Sundays we went to catch a movie at the nearest theater.

I know mom will soon put some more pictures in the gallery so stay tune!
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