Wednesday 25. November 2009
- Fun

Anna Björk and her kindergarten in evening news!! A proud mom and dad!

We girls think it's a fun time now. Mom, me and Karin Advent decked on Friday so now it lights up so nicely in our windows. I got up my fine Christmas light. Mom was actually quite surprised that I remembered it from last year. So what, of course I could remember! It will be evident; I do not miss such a fine thing.

Last Saturday we were with Dad all day as mom was cooking with her friends. They made sausages and liver pate and baked Christmas bread. It is not often that we get to have daddy just for ourselves, so we thought it was really fun! We went on our dance and then we went to our friends and Ingvar Ingibjörk. In the afternoon we went to the inauguration of a new riding hall. It was incredibly crowded and it was presented many fine horses.

On Sunday we went to the theater and saw Snow White. I think Snow White is wearing so nice clothes! With us in the theater were Julius and Johanna.

Today we'll go and take the swine flu syringe. We were first a bit worried and did not want to take a syringe. Mom told me that we must take the syringe so as not to get flu. Then we realized this, they talked about in kindergarten. And no, we do not want any swine flu!

This evening we will bake saffron buns, Swedish Christmas bread. It will be fun! Then, we hope that we will be making gingerbread houses!

And don’t forget that the Christmas calendar begins 1 December!

Sunday 15. November 2009
- Today´s speech

Like all other Sundays, we went to church today. Now it starts to get really fun because we learned all the lyrics and can follow all the movements. The priest told us about Samuel who was eight years and received messages from God. The priest told me that he is here all around us and listens to everyone. Not only grownups he listens even to us children. I think this is good. When the priest said it said Karin, Nah! Jesus is not here, he is just home sick!

Yes, I think this is today’s speech!

Today we would go to the movies. We thought. It turned out that the movie, Toy Story, we would go on was the first that we already has at home and the new movie will not be until March next year. We were of course disappointed but my mom had good advice. We bought a new movie and we had a movie at home instead. I chose Barbie. We had pop corn and candy. Delicious.

Friday 13. November 2009
- Christmas spirit has begun

Today came first ad sheet from ToysR & S. The girls were exited and we marked with a pen for our wishing list. Here I am telling Karin what toys she should mark :) Amazing, now and during the past this has always been the most exciting time of year.

Mom has finished writing this year's Christmas calendar. It's like all the other years only for us who speak Swedish, be sure to look there December 1 because then the adventure starts again! It will be a huge adventure and travel, neither we nor you will be late to forget ...
br> And yes, it has become Christmas also in here. It may be necessary light up a bit like this when the days of the year is becoming darker by the day yesterday. Here in Iceland, starting to get properly dark.

My department at kindergarten will be included in a gingerbread house contest. The other day we received instructions from kindergarten manager and we are 40 children together to bake and decorate a huge house full of candy and icing. It's really fun!

Saturday 7. November 2009
- Grandma´s birthday

This morning we called grandma and congratulated her birthday. Hipp, hip Hurray! Mum had knitted a sweater for her.

Daily life is normal and Saturday means dance, so this morning we went and trained. It was as usual a lot of fun. Afterwards we helped mom with some shopping, and this afternoon we have been out in the woods. There were the swings so we rocked for a while. Then we drank hot chocolate and ate cinnamon buns. It tasted really well!

The other day was the “Bjorn Brallare” on a visit after kindergarten. It is project and a teddy bear belonging to kindergarten and he follows the kids at home. With him follows a diary in which every child should write a little about their night together. Karin was good and took good care of Bjorn. Mom and Dad wrote in his book.

A while ago, it was a parent interview for Karin. Mom listened to what the teacher had to say about Karin and she said that Karin was very talented and could all the things that they did very well in kindergarten. Well, Karin can do plenty of things, if it pleases her. If not, she cannot do anything. Last week Karin didn´t want any clothes on. It was an eternal nagging spirit every morning and Karin became angrier and angrier. Finally mom gave up and Mom said that if she does not dress she may be home alone. It actually went so far as to Mom and I went out and left Karin alone inside. Then she got a celestial speed and watch out she dressed all by herself and without any gnashing of teeth. The next day everything was the same and Karin didn´t want to wear any on and mom ignored her and left her straight behind. And instantly Karin was dressed. Now we do not longer have any trouble with Karin, she dresses herself completely without weeping and gnashing of teeth. It´s hard to be a small child some times ...

I had a friend on a visit last week. His name is Aaron Isaac and he live next door to me. Aaron and I have always really fun together and he is probably one of my best friends. In our house, lives several girls from our kindergarten and we usually go and visit among each other. It's really fun to go on home visits.

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