Saturday 27. Februar 2010
- Our first money!

This morning we got our first weekly pay off. Mom gave us 300 Icelandic crowns and to her big surprise we put the money into our saving pig that we got from grannies and we have decorated it ourselves. Do you like it?

Thursday 25. Februar 2010
- My tooth is loose! My tooth is loose! Earlier this week I told my mom that the tooth is loose. You are becoming a big girl, mom replied, and continued to talk about tooth fairy. The fact is that when I lost my tooth, I shall in the evening before I go to bed put the tooth in a glass of water. In the morning, the tooth fairy will be there and change the tooth into a coin!

Today Mom and Dad started a new routine. This means that every Thursday I'll take care of the dishes, which means put all dishes in the dishwasher, put the food in the refrigerator and clean off the table. Karin day is Tuesday. Saturdays we will get our weekly pay, which we completely takes care of, what to buy or how much we want to save. We will get 300 Icelandic crowns, which mean that if we want to go to the movies, we have to save our money for two weeks until we are able to go.

Wednesday 17. Februar 2010
- Öskudagur- the icelandic Halloween Today is öskudagur. That means that all children are dressing up in different kind of masquerade dresses, going around to people, singing and begging for candy. At our kindergarten we made our dress ourselves. Karin is an elephant and I am a witch :)

We had plenty of fun as you might imagine.

In the afternoon Karin went to see a doctor as she has a soft lump in her back. The doctor made an ultra check and we can all be relieved as it was only fat and all was complete normal.

Monday 15. Februar 2010
- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We were ten four year old girls and me at Karin's party. And everyone was excited and thought it was so exciting to go to a party. Dad put up lots of balloons on the ceiling and we decorated the table with table cloth, plates, glasses and napkins with the Sleeping Beauty motif. First, we had pizza mom had baked and we drank a coca cola. Then we were playing a pirate game where everyone would go around a pirate ship, and when the music stopped, everyone would find herself a chair. Those who eventually was the only girl after won the game.

So it was time for cake. Mom had made a chocolate cake with a clown motif and decorated it with marshmallows and Smarties. It was yummy!

Then we had fish pond. And here it was a few girls who had a sock or a sweater while in the end had all received a candy bag.

Yes, it was a really successful party!

February 2009
– 3 years

February 2008
–2 years

February 2007
–1 years

February 2006

Karin Inga is four years old!!!

Friday 12. Februar 2010
- Birthday invitation This morning Karin was proud when she walked into her class at Kindergarten. With a great self confidence she walked to her teacher and handed over the invitation cards. Mom had made with Dora and a horse that Karin of course liked very much. She couldn’t ask for better. She is the greatest fan of Dora and her riding a horse is top of everything.

This is a screen shot of the invitation card:

A while before when I and Karin had our breakfast mom listened to our conversation. To mom´s disappointment we always choose Icelandic when talking to each other, while that another story. Anyway, Karin says to me. I have invited you to my birthday party. Yes, thank you. Then you know you have to buy me a birthday present. Yes, I will buy you a Dora thing. Karin had the local store advertisement in front of her. No, I want you to give me this; Karin said and pointed on a toy in the paper.

She also has a wish to go to a hamburger place. For some while ago McDonalds was closed here in Iceland while same owner started an exactly new one called Metro. On Sunday we will go there.

Wednesday 10. Februar 2010
- From a childs point of view T lives next door. She is in the same age as Karin and is classmates at kindergarten. Sometimes she is visiting us at home. Yesterday she was along and we had a small chat with mom:

„The doorbell is ringing, mom said. Whose on the door T said. It is Kristin our aunt, I replied. She is the sister of our father, Karin continues. Does your father have any brother and sisters? Yes, he has three, T answers. Do they live in Reykjavik mom asked again? Yes, they do, T says. What about your mom? Oh, she lives with me... Now you are the lucky one, mom smiles...“

Children has a simply answer to lots of things. Obviously a question a grown up finds very clear can be very sophisticated to a child and be from a complete different view.

Anyway, Karin is counting down her birthday and has decided to invite all the girls in her department. She has chosen „Dora the Explorer“as the theme and we know that mom will arrange everything as we want it to be. I am looking forward to it too! Who knows, I might get a present too!

Monday 8. Februar 2010
- Upcoming birthday Someone is getting older... and it’s an age when you are longing for getting older. These days when you are counting down each minute and you are proudly showing on your fingers your exactly age. Little sweetie is getting four years! And next Monday 15 of February she saw the light of life for the first time. As probably to everyone’s reflections same settings appear: Amazing what time flies.

The little sweetie that was so calm didn’t make any notices and eat and slept well... at least for her two first year. We remember that we said that she was unbelievable one of a kind dream princess.

Then the two years came.

And everything changed. Several might call the sweetest little devil with so much strong ego and independence that no one could handle her. It was her way and the high way and she didn’t even bother for nothing. It had its top until she was 3, 5 and things were slowly calming down and it was possible do negotiate. Today her will still is very strong and she still doesn’t take no for an answer. She is getting better and she is doing fine. Actually mom thought for a while there was something very wrong with her. And she was very relieved when she realized this was just her normal behavior of growing bigger.

She is taller than most of her girlfriends and she is definitely a leader. And she has qualities far ahead girls in her age. It is incredibly interesting to follow her mind and thoughts.

At the moment we are parenting her way of begging for things. Not screaming „I want this“ instead ask kindly „can you please give me“ were mom and dad have to be alert in telling her each time she is not doing right. Can be tricky sometimes...

So what have I been up to? Mostly I have been thinking of me starting school next semester. Incredibly thinks mom and dad that their first born is starting school. We went for a visit last week and I found it really exiting!

Then of course we are having plenty of fun with Rodi, my horse.

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