Wednesday 16. June 2010
- The girls are gone to Sweden Last week we finally went to Sweden for staying at grannies home for about four weeks. We have been counting down and saying good bye to friends. Karin said especially good bye to her best friend Tinna Rún as she is moving to Norway. I don’t know if she is aware of that Tinna will not be here when she is back from Sweden. Anyhow we give mom and dad daily reports of what’s going on over here and we are enjoying every minute. Yesterday we baked cinnamon buns and had a pick nick at the beach. And best of all we have got new bikes and we are riding it every day! I hope mom will find time soon to update our gallery as I know there are lots of pictures from my party and other nice pictures from us girls. So for now I wish you a very nice summer and when I am back there will be plenty of nice things to tell you all about!

Wednesday 26. May 2010
- I am here Finally there are some updates here at We have been up to plenty of things, as you might have thought as we haven't done any here!

I have graduated from kindergarten and I got diploma and a white rose. Yesterday I left my department and moved to "the adventure" department. It is a department for all the oldest kids that will start school next semester. I will be there until August. Karin has moved to a new department for bigger kids. Actually she is starting my old one and she will have my teacher. How fun will that be for her!

We have put all the horses to the country side. We drove them last weekend and we helped grandpa to arrange the fence. Both Karin and I got the ride the fourwheel motorbike which was so fun! The weather was so good and we were out playing most of the day.

Yes, weather has been really nice lately and the other day we went to a park next to our forest and dad taught me how to ride a bike without any helping wheels. I knew how to do at once while Karin is still a bit too small. She lost patient and didn't want to try any more. As soon as dad put the wheel back again she gave interest to it.

And we are counting down to our trip to Sweden. Will will go 10th of June and we will be four weeks in Sweden without mom and dad! Imagine that! Mom and dad will join us in 8th of July and we will have our summer vacation together in Sweden. So nice!

Well, this was short about all the things, and mom has put new pictures in our gallery. Have a look! Pictures will be found here!

Friday 7. May 2010
- Kick off at school Yesterday was a kind of kick off for my school. The real semester will start in august 24 while now it’s only two days of „try it out“. Mom and dad followed me to school and while I was in my new class they were listening to the school’s principal. The name of my class is „Spoa“which is an Icelandic bird. My teachers name is Dagbjört and I like her a lot already.

Today mom left me at school and I was not so sure this was something for me. I hold moms hand tight and didn’t want her to go. My nice teacher started to talk with me and I accepted her will and went to my seat. I am very lucky as my very best friend Hulda Maria is too in my class. Today we got tasks to do and I draw a picture of me, write letters and counting. I could do everything correct and mom was so proud of me when I showed her my results. In the end of this day I realized school will be lots of fun!

Karin on the other hand will stay two more years at kindergarten. In these days she is moving to a new department for older children. She will be in the same department as I am. At the moment she is at a birthday party and she was so thrilled about it. We took her to the shopping mart and she had to choose a gift and she was pretty sure of how to do and what to wear. Karin is very self-confident and managed most of the things by herself.

Pictures will be found here!

Sunday 2. May 2010
- I do maths Yesterday I surprised mom. And that by sitting in my chair with a drawing book in front of me. Mom thought I was painting though when she had a look I was doing maths! Yes, I know 3+5 and 2+6 and 9-1... I had calculated it all correct! You bet I had a proud mom! And I love writing. I am practicing it almost every day now. I am so looking forward to my school start next semester. Well, actually I will take part in my school already in next week. Mom and dad will follow me to school for two days and we will meet my teacher... so fun!!

Weekend has been lovely were we went to the forest with dad while mom was cleaning our room. Actually I can´t understand as we had already cleaned it the other day. Mom told us to take care of our things and we put all our stuff in the midle of the floor. Mom complained and said that we will not find anything by doing so. I replied: "Yes I put everyting on the top..." She did not buy that, I wonder why?

Today we had a barbeque in the forest. So nice! See some pictures here.

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