Tuesday 23. Mars 2010
- Remember her name It was time for parental interview. Mom and dad met the teacher and in a way there was nothing new to say they didn’t already know. This little character is a strong one, teacher started. She is the queen and is already use to control the group. And that is not in a bad way. She loves to be the central person and is not afraid of talking into a bigger group. She has a great sense of humor and sometimes she gets other kids to do things she knows isn’t allowed. Here we have a future leader no doubt about it.

We have already seen this and she can be rather tuff to handle once in a while. To mom and dad’s relieve her behavior at home is much better as her stubborn and independence ego was a bit of trouble during her two and three years.

Saturday 20. Mars 2010
- Dancing princess Spring time has arrived in Iceland. This morning K said summer has arrived. Well, not really while sun was shining and degrees is quite nice. Though still far to summer, mom said.

As you might know each Saturday we are at dancing school. Mom made our hair this morning and don t you think we are very pretty?

The other day mom was on parent interview at my kindergarten and the teacher had only nice things to say about me. It occurred to mom that I have changed character since I was very little baby. I was the crowd one running around most of the time and loved all the attention I got as a first child very often demands.

Then Karin came and everything changed. My sister that in the beginning didn’t does nothing than smiling most of her time. Then she turned two and everything changed. Her two to three years was one of a kind and all family tried to survive, frankly speaking. She had a will that no one could manage and we didn’t know what to do. Sometimes mom thought there was something wrong with her. The funny part was that in Kindergarten she was the dream child, did everything right, was able to do all and behaved nicely. Then, one day this step of independence behavior calmed down and she turned into this sweet sister I was hoping for. During that time it was difficult for me to grow my spirit and my self confidence was lacking.

Today, I have got it back and the teacher said I can say no, I can say I want, I need while I am pretty calm character. Most of all I like drawing thing. I too like writing and is showing great interest in letters and numbers. I can write my name and count to 100. If someone writes I can copy with no problems.

I still have a huge interest for watching movies and can do that “forever”

On Tuesday mom will meet Karin’s teacher. It will be exiting to hear her story. ..

Saturday 6. Mars 2010
- A good day Saturdays means dancing and as the Icelanders are voting today we had to be in an other school. Both Karin and I are getting really good in dancing! Meanwhile we vere dancing mom was updating our have a look!

After the dance Karin had a nap in the stable and I was playing outside. Weather wasn´t particularly good and it was snowing and blowing a lot. Mom went for a short ride and then we went to the swimming pool. Gosh it was fun! We both were swimming and diving most of the time.

This evening we are celbrating Kristins birthday. Our auntie is getting old, ha ha ha... She has made dinner and cake for us and will take care of us meanwhile mom and dad is heading for the cinema!

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