Tuesday 3. Agust 2010
- Mom and dad are married! Our very long resident in Sweden has gone to an end and we are back in Iceland. It has been so great and we have of course lots to tell. As you might remember we had four weeks without mom and dad and we stayed at grannies place. First out was my birthday that was celebrated with lots of presents, pizzas and chocolate cake. We took part of the Swedish midsummer dressed up in nice summer dresses and flowers in our hair. Most of the time we were riding our new bikes and we were having plenty of soft time on the beach. During our stay I have lost one more tooth!

Finally mom and dad arrived and we went up to the summerhouse in north of Sweden. And we loved it! Imagine nice weather, adorable nature and fishing areas and this time we also got a salmon!!

And guess what! Mom and dad were getting married! I told mom in Swedish „mamma nu är du fru“which means: mom, you are now a wife! We girls were of course attending the wedding and we were bridesmaid. Everybody found us so sweet!

There will be plenty of pictures here soon so stay tuned!





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