Thursdag 30 december
Happy new year

Our Christmas was nice and filled with lots of fun. We are so pleased of all our Christmas gifts. Early in the morning we went to the forest for lighting a fire and having breakfast. We went to the stable and let the horses out and fed them. We had Swedish Christmas lunch in the noon and Christmas greetings from Donald Duck in the telly at 15 o clock.

At 18 we went to the church. It was so peaceful and is so much Christmas for us. The priest ended his speech by telling us a story:

„ The five year old girl sat on the floor wrapping in a gift. She had to redo it over and over as she wasn’t satisfied. Her dad complained asking her if it was necessary to use all roll. She glimpsed at him and went into her room for finishing it.

On Christmas Eve she didn’t want to put the gift under the tree instead she was holding it. The family asked her why and complained to her why on earth she was holding a gift like that.

Later on when all the gifts were opened she went to her father and gave him the gift. He opened it and found it empty. But you little girl, you have to put something into the gift. Don’t you see that?

The girl started to cry and said: „dad I have filled the packages with kisses from me to you as I love you so much“

Year pasts and the girl, who’s now a grown up lady gets the messages her father is dying. She finds him lying in his bed and she kisses him. Beside him she sees the box she gave him as young girl. The father whispered. I have kept the box next to my bed ever since I got it. “

The priest ended by saying: remember it is the thought behind the gift that is important.

I hope you have all had a very nice Christmas. Tomorrow is last day of this year. We will stay at our friends home have a nice dinner!

Yeah, forgot to tell you. Yesterday Karin lost her first tooth and the tooth fairy did arrive last night!
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Thursdag 23 december
Merry Christmas


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Saturday 18. December 2010
- Ginger Castle

Don´t you like the castle we have made?

Thuesday 7. December 2010
- Hello Our mom is really lousy at writing in this blog. It might be because she simply has too many balls in the air. For those of you Swedish readers, we of course recall our Christmas calendar. It is really exciting this year!

To tell you a brief recap of recent events, we can tell you that it was so much fun with grandpa. Every morning we had to go out to the barn and feed the sheep. And can you imagine? We found a dead mouse! Of course we had to bury and we had a long ceremony around it. One time we went to the bathhouse. And it was probably lucky for the bath at home with grandpa is not the best. He always goes to the bathhouse, our grandfather. Still dad had to work a lot with making our hair when back at home...

Anyway, when mother came back we started to prepare ourselves for Christmas. She brought the entire package from the cellar and both I and Karin decorated so nicely.

On the first Sunday of Advent, I had my first dance show at Hotel Iceland, or Broadway, which is also called. I had a new dress, to honor the day, and my mother had made both me and Karin so nice for the dance. Karin has inherited my pretty purple dress and she is so nice in it! It was fun to dance to and we had a great audience. When I grow up, I have a lot of nice dresses and I will dance as often as I can.

I told mom that I would like to have a dance partner. Mom asked the neighboring boy's mother and I was thrilled when he said he wanted it.

He came with us for the Christmas party which was last Sunday.

Tomorrow Karin will go to the doctor. They should examine her stomach because she probably cannot tolerate milk.

Last week Karin made Christmas crafts with her kindergarten. She loved it.

This weekend we'll make gingerbread houses. Karin and I have drawn the idea and told mom and dad how to do. We are really looking forward to it.

Mom has launched many new images so please look in our gallery.

Thursday 11. November 2010
- Grandpa Tonight we are going to grandpa and will stay there until Monday when dad will bring us home. Mom will stay a couple of days longer in Sweden. We will miss them a lot!

While the good part is that we will have one week alone with dad. So fun! And when mom is backing home Christmas will begin. You bet we are looking forward. Mom has promised to make our own ginger house. Both Karin and I have been made some drawings of the house. I think we are going to make a castle. Mom liked the idea.

I also have made an idea of how to decorate our house and I asked mom if I could so. I want red line hanging in the roof filled with hundreds of Christmas lollipops just like Mickey Mouse is decorating his house. I think it will be a great idea.

We are singing and guess what. Last time our leader was sick so mom was holding the lessons!

Tuesday 2. November 2010
- Reading Next week mom and dad will go away for a while. They are heading for Sweden with mom´s work and then she will stay during the week at grannies. Dad will be back after the weekend. I need to take off from school as we are going to stay at grandpa´s place. I am really looking forward to it.

Yesterday evening we were singing and it was fun as always. When we came back I read to mom in my book. I must say I am reading pretty well now.

One thing that has definately increased since I started school is all the birthday parties I am invited to. This week I will attend in two parties! How fun isn´t that? Mom says she needs to buy a stock of presents... She thinks it is too time consuming running each week to the stores buying presents.

There are new pictures in our gallery pls. have a look :)

Monday 1. November 2010
- Our friends and daily life

Our weeks start to get pretty busy with fun things. As you may already know, so we go to dance and learn English waltz, schottische, quick step and many other fun dances. I go dancing twice a week, while Karen is dancing on Saturdays.

It is approaching Christmas and we have begun to sing in a choir. It will be "Lucia” on 13 December. This year is also Karen’s friend Elsa with us and sings. We love it! .

I like to be in school and I am interested in reading and writing. My absolute best friend is always next to me and is in the same class as me. I also have many other friends that I hang out with daily. Last Friday was both Aaron Isak and Hjörtur at visit at home. We played with my dollhouse and so we catch a movie. Karen was on a pizza party at Elsa. .

The weekend has been good and yesterday we were in Heidmörk and we had some barbeque. In the evening it started snowing and we thought it was very exciting. We want to be in July now!

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