August 2005 Summervacation in Sweden
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On Keflavik - ready to travel

On the flight - it was my 5 time travelling abroad

When we arrived in Sweden we went directly down to Småland and my grannies. They had lots of presents for me :)

Titta – a car!!


My grandfather has made this for me



They also gave me a new waggon.

Mom and dad left me for World Championship Icelandic horses

After that we went by train to our Summer house in Jämtland, north of Sweden

We went out fishing

And my uncle let me drive the boat!

That was fun!!

Look at all this mushroms!

Conrad – my uncles dog

We fixed a new bed room

One evening from the balcony

We smoked our fish

the Timbermen

Then we went up to my old grand mother

Here we visited Liz Stenmark in Umasjö, Tärnaby

Here I am with her nice horses.

Galdur from Saudarkroki with his mares

Garri from Fjällgården – E: Skorri from Blöndousi

Grete and her Raudull


Hiawatha from Fjällgården

At Gretes place

We had dinner at Sonninggården
:: Pancakes with västerbotten cheese, caviar and cremefrache
:: Moose entrecote with grilled potatoes
:: Icecream with berries

Last week we went down to Småland again.
Here we are on our way to Öland.

Grannies on the boat

It was a beautiful summer weather!

Mom has spent many summers here so she was glad to be back again.

I liked the weather and was splashing in the small water pools.

The light house in north of Öland

A view from the light house

Soliden – The Royal Summer castle

A lunch break at a lake in Småland - nice glasses :)

Mom and dad went to Katthult were the popular movies by Astrid Lindgren about Emil was made.

Rumskulla oak - the oldest oak in Sweden. 1000 years old.

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