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the photo gallery isn´t working properly so we are back like in the olden day as long as mom hasn´t found a better way of displaying our photo´s. All photos are of course still in the gallery that you will find here:



Laxnes riding tour

Masquerade March

Dance competition March

Dance competition January


Lamb collection
Staring school
Kick Off at school
Spring Picknic
Dance and friends
Winter time in the stable
Karin Inga 4 years old


Midsummer feast
Forest Mulle
Climbing Esja
Lovely May
Riding tours
Winter time in the stable 2
Karin 3 years old
Winter time in the stable


New Year in Apavatn and horses brought to Rvk 2008
Christmas 2008
Christmas fun
Christmas with FOCAL
Christmas start
Autumn fun and gymnastic class
Lamb collection in Borgafjörður
Weekend fun in Heidmörk
Farmer´s festival in Skagafjörður
Summer vacation, part 4 Santa World
Summer vacation, part 3 Summer house
Summer vacation, part 2 Paris
Summer vacation, part 1 Mora
Anna Björk 4 years old, part 2
Anna Björk 4 years old
Midsummer in Iceland
Summer vacation in Signaskarði
Summer in Iceland
New Hair cut
Forrest Mulle, Skoppa and skritla, bowling
At the zoo
April,fun with horses, Skoppa & Skritla
Easter 2008
Waffels in the stables
Happy Birthday Karin Inga 2 years old!
Breidablik - athletic class
Happy Birthday dad!
Horses are brought to Reykjavik
Christmas and New Year in Sweden


December fun class

Heidmörk and athletic class

Apavatn and Sweden
Bringing in horses in Borganes, horse back riding and sunday fun
First day at gymnastic school
Chicken pox - august
Hiking in Iceland, at the zoo and riding a bike - july 2007
Trip to Sweden - july 2007
Anna Björk 3 years old
Summer celebration at play school
Fun weekend in Borganes
Titti and mom's trip to Sweden
Skorradalur 18052007
Art festival and Sunday fun with mom
Sunday fun
Mom and dad's trip to Ljubjana
First summerday and Vilborg's confirmation to God
Sunday fun in Borganes
Winterwonderland, snowman
Relaxing and fun Sunday with mom and dad
Titti 1 year - more pics
Wintertime in Iceland
Trip to Sweden
Winterplay in stable
Happy New Year


Merry Christmas
Meeting with Santa and Titti is walking 18122006
Christmas art with play school 04122006
1st of Advent, went to see horses in Borganes 04122006
bathing, titti can stand 29112006
bringing in horses in Borganes 31102006
renting a house in Laugarvatn 24102006
lovely autumn 19102006
Visitors from Sweden 16102006
new jacket and titti bath 09102006
grandpa babysitting
Visitors from Sweden
Titti and Anna Björk 14.09.2006
Collecting lamb in Snaefellsnes 13.09.2006
At the family park and the zoo 04.09.2006
I have started in play school 29.08.2006
Titti new toothbrush Aug 2006
New bedroom Aug 2006
Summer vacation in Sweden July 2006
Barbeque in Heidmörk, Skagafjördur 072006
Anna Björk 2 år 24062006
Horse trip part 2, visiting Hilmir 16-22.06.2006
Horse trip Löngufjörerna, part 1 09-11.06.2006
A new horse for mom 08062006
Cowboy party in Grundafjördur 01062006
Rolo, Bathing Titti, Kicki on visit 15052006
Grand parents, In the bath, horse trip, outside playing 08.05.2006

Baptise Karin Inga, grandparents from Sweden 02.05.2006
Easter fun 18.04.2006
Påskkärring 11.04.2006
Titti 06.04.2006
I am a pirate 04.04.2006
Teletubies 15.03.2006
Stealing soothers and Öskudagur
My sweet sister Titti 28.02.2006
Karin Inga and I 20.02.2006

Welcome Karin Inga Benjaminsdottir! 16.02.2006
This big and that strong, mom's belly 06.02.2006
Trip to Sweden - my uncle's wedding in Idre 24-30 jan
Dad's birthday 19.01.2006
Winter in Iceland 16.01.2006
Happy New Year

Cristmas 2005
Christmas ball 20.12.2005
Baking cookies 12.12.2005
Christmas Dinner

Christmas decoration

1 st of Advent
Anna Björk 17 months
Trip to Borgafjördur 12-13112005
Different pics of anna björk 09112005
Winter wonderland 31102005
In Borganes and Heidmörk, 23102005
Trip to Sweden - okt 2005
My new clothes 26092005
Anna Björk 17092005 – watching tv, drinking from glass
Back home again - playing with friends, aug/sept 2005
Summer vacation in Sweden
Weekendtrip to grundafjördur At home, Borgarfjördur, Snaefellsness
On the beach
Weekendtrip to Borganes Anna Björk is playing with puzzle
The face of Anna Björk 1 year
Anna Björk 1 year birthday, midsommar and party
Anna Björk 21062005 Just keep walking

Horse trip Reykjavik - Snaefellsness
Anna-Björk 07062005 standing up, visiting Matilda and Assa

Anna-Björk 30052005 standing up, visiting Matilda and Assa

Anna-Björk 25052005
new learntowalk waggon, first book
Anna-Björk May, 2005 at the countryside
Anna-Björk 11052005 (drink from a glass, titt ut, crawl, eat banana, in the bath)
Anna-Björk 26042005 (Meeting up with relatives at Saga Björks confirmation to the Christ)
Anna-Björk 21042005 (Standing up and sitting on my knees)
Anna-Björk 05042005 (Walking in my new shoes)
Anna-Björk 29032005 (Anna Björks panncakes party)
Anna-Björk 23032005 (Anna Björk in Sweden and she is a "påskkärring")
Anna-Björk 09032005 (On a horse-riding pickning and my friends at Liljas place)
Anna-Björk 04032005 SMILE :)
Anna-Björk 23022005 (Standing up in the bed)
Anna-Björk 15022005 Anna Björk on Party. She tries to walk!
Anna-Björk 12022005 (Anna Björk goes horse back!)
Anna-Björk 24012005
Anna-Björk 04012005
Happy New Year


Anna-Björk 29122004 (in the bath)
Anna-Björk 26122004
(first christmas)
Anna-Björk 20122004
(first toothbrush)
Anna-Björk 14122004
(meet up with santa clause)
Anna-Björk 06122004
(eating real food, sitting up alone)
Anna-Björk 30112004
(anna björk in stockholm)
Anna-Björk 13112004
(grandparents and uncle from sweden)
Anna-Björk 07112004
Anna-Björk 27102004
(anna björk in barcelona)
Anna-Björk 23102004
(anna björk in the swimmingpool)
Anna-Björk 14102004

Anna-Björk 092004
(anna björk in Sweden)
Anna-Björk 04092004

Anna-Björk 25082004

Anna-Björk 10082004

Anna-Björk 03082004

Anna-Björk 29072004

Anna-Björk 14-23072004

Pictures taken by Monica 12072004

Sleeping beauty 08072004

First Bath 01072004

Welcome Anna Björk 300604!
Welcome Anna Björk 270604!
Welcome Anna Björk 260604!
Picture 1 - my mom's big belly, sports wagon

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