July 2005 Weekend trip to Borganes – riding and horse jumping
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Saturday we went on 7 hours horse trip arround Grimstadur, through the river of Langá. The river was with high water and had a very strong stream. I thought it was a bit scary!

Gummi in the hot tube...

Benni and Svava

Gummi is giving Anna Björk some milk

What is she thinking about?

Anna Björk in the grass, watching dad and mom horse jumping

Gummi and Blesa jumping

Maria and Rodi is jumping. First we had to teach the horses how to jump. They were a quick learner and soon they were jumping like ever done else!

Maria and Rodi

Benni and Sossa – he believes she was the best...

Anna Björk wanted to go horse back too

But probably she found the pisk more fun than sitting on the horse

Back home again and Anna Björk is playing with her puzzle.

Its no problem to take pieces out of puzzle however a bit tricky to put it back again...

Ring, ring... hallo, who is it?

Im the dancing queen...

Now she nows how to but these cubes into the box

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