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I got this toy from Johanna and Julius. I stayed at their place when Karin Inga was born.


Mom and dad gave me this princess bed for some while a go. I like it a lot!

I have given my old bed to my sister.

Grannies from Sweden sent this beautiful flowers to all of us and congratulated me to my new sister.

It is called "mom and daughter" flowers. Or shall I say BIG sister and little sister?

I like my sister while it is not always easy to understand I am not alone any more. Sometimes I feel a bit sorry for myself, especially if I think mom and dad forgets about me while I know they won't! I still can't help my feelings being blue.

Dad thinks Karin Inga is very look alike my mother.

She is very calm and sleeps most of the time. She has had some problems with her yellow colour so mom has to wake her up often trying to feed her. She is so tired and rather prefer to sleep than eat.

Everything is though alright. They went to the hospital today and all was fine.


Dad and I gave mom this flowers.


My grandfather, Stefan, Karin Inga and I

In dad's sweater :)

I am playing with my house dad gave me for christmas.

Karin Inga got this clothes from our grand father.
It is made by the Nuns' in Stykkisholmur.

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