20122005 Christmas ball, cooking
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This Friday we went to my mom's work for Christmas ball.

We were dancing and clapping our hands...

Little Sweetie

I was very lucky - there was lots of snacks

More dancing...

Santa Clause arrived and he gave us christmas gifts

I got a white sweet dog!


I wasn't really sure about my thoughts about Santa. He was a bit scary!

It felt good to sit in mom's knee

After a while my curiosity took over and I had to go and say hello to him.

It was fun to play with all children


This is one of mom's co-workers, Svala

mmmm. cosy time with dad

Sunday 4th of Advent

I ate my breakfast myself

After breakfast I took all my clothes off and put my old summer hat on...

The Yule Lad has been putting things into my shoe every night. This night I got this rubber band to have in my hair. I have also got a ball, book about Santa, a bag with brushes...

One thing I like most is cooking with mom and dad. Here we are making Swedish meat balls. I have also been baking bread and cookies.

Dad and I is frying the balls.

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