Sleppetour Reykjavik - Snaefellsness June 9-16
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Thursday 9th of June – Heimsenda >> Fitjar in Mosfellsbaer
Ingvar on horse back

Thursday 9th of June – Heimsenda >> Fitjar in Mosfellsbaer
Ingvar JR on horse back

Thursday 9th of June – Heimsenda >> Fitjar in Mosfellsbaer
Maria on horse back

Break at Fjarborg stable area

Break at Fjarborg stable area

Friday 10th of June – Fitjar >> Thingvellir
Prisca from New Orleans joined us this day. Here she is with Anna Björk

Friday 10th of June – Fitjar >> Thingvellir
Ingvar having lunch break

When the guys were riding Prisca, Anna Björk and I took a trip to the old
parlament area at Thingvellir

Saturday 11 of June – Thingvellir >> Skorradalur, Indridastadur
Here we are at the lovely sand...

Ingibjörk and Ingvar JR taking a break

Anna Björk and her dad Benjamin

Anna Björk goes horse back :)

Anna Björk is having lunch in the great weather


Driving this 4-wheel machine is fun!

Sunday 12 of June – Indridastadur >> Grimstadur

Benni, Ingvar and JR is ready to go

Stone tastes quite ok...

Benni puts the reins on Ofelia

Benni on his favourite mare Sossa


Ofelia is lifting...

Lunch break

We had to walk over the Hvitavallaru bridge

Anna Björk is waiting for her dad to arrive

This flower - Lupine - is very common in the Summer time on Iceland

Monday 13 of June – Grimstadur >> Kolvidarnes
This dayEinar, the father of Ingibjörk joined us. He is 74 years old and still going strong!!

We had to walk with our horses through this path

Kaldarmelar and the small round mountain is "eldborg"

Einar has made the trip!

A hot tub is perfect after a long day on horse back


We staid at Ingvar's and Ingibjörk's lovely Summer house - near the great jökull

The evenings on our trip was prefect - blue sky and warm

A view of the powerful jökull (glazier)


From now we had to wait for "ebb" so we could go shopping in day time.
It was so sunny we had to give Anna Björk this sweet hat


and she go these play tools from Ingibjörk and Ingvar – she played with it all the time

Playing in the warm sun

Maria and Bennis newborn foals: Prince Valliant and Isabella from Karastödum. The brown 1 year old foal is Isafold from Nordurgröf

Tuesday 14 of June – Kolvidarnes >> Skogarnes
This day we started to ride on the great beaches. We had to wait for the flod to pass out and we ride out on the sand.

It was a lot of water to pass through

Benni is enjoying the trip. This day we could ride together as Ingibjörk
was taking care of Anna Björk.

A view out on the beaches after the water has gone out

Arrived at Skogarnes. Here we came in contact with the farm owner Thraustir and Gudridur


Benni and Ingibjörk is doing the washing up

Ingibjörk is reading a book for Anna Björk

Qutie pie...

Every evening we were playing Rommie

Picking up and putting back the candle

A great view of the jökull

Wednesday 15 of June – Skogarnes >> Trödum
We had the honour of having Traustur guing us on the right track. It was quite tricky as it could be rather deep sea on some places. When we had finally reached the BIG beach he rode back again.

And finally we have reach the perfect day. The beaches - white like in any warm tropic country. It was totally amazing to ride on this fantastic sand.

And look at this view, with the poweful Snaefellsness jökul
- can you come closer to heaven?

Our trip has come to an end. Thursday 16 of june we brought the horses back
on this beach up to the summer house.

17th of June - the Icelandic Independence Day. Iceland was under Danish flag
for many years. This day 1944 the country became indepentent and all icelanders
is celebrating this big day.

Saturday and back home again. The Summer temperature is still warm so we
could have our breakfast outside.

Anna Björk enjoys her breakfast.

A great trip but still nice to be back home...

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