July 2007 - summer in Iceland
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"Jag kan visst cykla" (sure I can ride a bice)



Though I haven't learnt how to step on the break yet...

Do you see I am driving my bunny "Nenne"?

One day we visited the Reykjavik Zoo


Did Santa forgot his reindeer here?

The Zoo also has lots of fun to play with

we are very often playing together

This weekend we went hiking. We drove along "The Long Glacier"


Here we are quite high up and we could see it on the temperature, only 6 degrees.

A very special landscape - talk about desert!

This is a waterfall nearby Husafell


This is a bit higher up from the other one and is called
the Twin child fall. Note the brigde!

This might not look very particulary interesting... well, if I say this is the first hot top in Iceland and is build by Snorre Sturlason 1172. What do you say then?!

This hot top is located in Reykholt

First day is over and we decided to stay at B's sisters place. Tomorrow we are going to sleep in a tent!

New day and B is reading the map - were shall we go?

But first we need something to eat.

We decided to head road 1 and this is "the North River" and is the best fishing area in Iceland.

It is nice walk along the river and suddenly you ends up here. This is called the Paradise spring and the water comes up from the ground. Though it is not a hot spring.

This view we got after being driving up to the top of a mountain. It's good being traveling on a jeep.

Finally it was time for tenting. We children and mom just loved it! If B did? well... that's an other story.

Good Night!

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