Easter witches :)


meeting with other Swedes


Easter Friday we started in the play garden


Gunnhild a co-worker to mom

Tradidional Easter Thursday ride to Hafnafjördur

It was served hot soup

Dad is riding from Heimsenda >> Mosfellsbaer

Jenny - au pair at Karin's place

Anna Björk, Julius, Karin Inga and Johanna

Johanna and Julia decorating eggs

Mom and Titti

After finishing all the eggs it was fun to decorate the bodies :)

Anna Björk was unlucky and fell from a chair and hurt her eyes on the edge of a table :(

It is fun to tease Bjöggi

It is very important to read the news!

We took a tour along the coast and here they are drying fish.

Wilson Moga - the boat that stranded on the coast

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