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My mom made this site for me with this nice Pooh theme and of course it is copy-right Disney on all Pooh pictures. The purpose of this site is not commercial only to joy my friends and family!

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Bangsímon is Pooh's icelandic name and Bangsi is the ice-landic word for teddy bear so that's the reason for this web-sites' name.
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Climbing up and down stairs
Climbing up and down in stairs. One evening she did not do any thing else (15 months)

Where is my belly button
When we ask her where it is she picks it out at once (15 months)

Drink from glass by yourself
She has been drinking from regular glass but now she has learnt how to hold it by herself. It is so fun to drink milk now! (15 months)

Eat by herself
She has been picking up things with her fingers for some while now but today she manage to use the spoon. (14 months)

Thank you – give me this, please
It is now fun to give mom and dad things she knows she is not allowed to have. Remote Control for TV, Video and DVD are things she likes most... (12 months)

Eating icecream by her self
It was a very hot day and she managed to eat almost all by herself – of course a lot of icecream all on her body... (11 months)

Helping to bring plates to the table
It feels a bit scary for mom to let her bring plates to the table but so far she has not broken any. 13 months (10 months)

Answering the phone
She has done this for a while however now you can tell her its ringing and she is picking up her phone.

Putting different pieces into different holes
It has been a very active time right after her 1-year birhtday. Now she is practising to put round pieces into a round hole. There is other kinds of pieces too but still not learnt yet.

Playing with puzzle
Suddenly she realized how fun it was to play with puzzles. It was no problem to take puzzles out however still a bit tricky to put them back.

Asking for cookie
One day she surprised her mom by walking towards her reaching up her hand asking for cookie. 12 months

Eating alone
She has realized it is more fun to pick up the food by herself than letting mom or dad feed her. 12 months

It did not take long time after she learnt how to walk when she learn how to dance. As soon some music was on the radio/tv she shaked her legs and clapped her hands.12 months

Walk outside
It was a bit tricky to walk outside in the beginning however she was a quick learner. 12 months

Stand up by herself
Almost at the same time she learnt how to walk she started to stand up by first standing on all 4.

first step
07.06.2005 - 11,5 months, she took her first four step! We where sitting on the floor and she walked between us. First she stood up still and then she took four step so she reached dad or mom.
20.06.2005 She walked several steps still with no perfect balance and from that evening she was walking and walking...

Stand up all alone without holding
11 months and she forgot to hold in something when standing. The balanse is still not perfect but it is coming

Her first book
She got her first peek a book when she was 11 months old. She closed and opened, changing paper miljons of times and loved her book of the glansing bunny

Sitting on a toy horse
When she saw she sat alone - without mom holding her - she was so proud of herself! Look at her selfconfidence!

When Anna Björk was 10,5 months she walked with this "learntowalk" waggon. First we held her back and pushed her forward but when she realized she could walk by her self she walked and walked like a robot.

At 10 months she started to crawl on her knees

Eat a banana
It was a bit difficult in the beginning but after a while she understood she could hold and eat the banana

This game she has been doing for a while but has not understood it until now.

Throwing things
10 months and she is throwing all her stuff on the flood

Sit down while standing
10 months and she is practising
sitting down to pick up things

Climbing down
10 months and I can go down from a sofa, bed etc by turning myself on stomach and stand up on my feet

On the phone
She could very early speak with grannies in Sweden. She always thought it was very strange that they were inside this head-set

Moving around
10 months and I can transfer myself around tables.

Drinking from glass without pipe
When she was 9 months she could drink from glass without pipe

I am now 10 months and a crawl and climb everywhere. It is fun to be at this window as then I can see all people outside.

Standing up by myself
One morning Anna Björk surprised us by standing up talking to herself in bed. After that she is practising this all the time.

Sitting on a real chair alone
It was a real coinsidence we realized that Anna Björk could sit alone on a real chair.

Walking outside in shoes
Even if her shoes is a bit big it was fun to try how it is to walk outside when holding in mom

First pan-cakes party
Anna Björk had her first party with 8 other children when she was 9 months

Walking with help of a chair
At 7 months she started to to take a few step by herself while she was holding in a chair.

At 7 months she started to crawl - or rather drag her forward with her arms.

When Anna Björk was 7 months she started to be 4 hours a day at day care. This was only for 3 months then her father started to be at home with her. His maternity leave is 4 months and her mother was at home 7 months.

She started quite early to make sound like ba ba ba. Her voice was loud and she was screaming out in a high tone - just like she tried to test her voice. When she was 7-8 months she said; mamma, pabbi and bye bye More about this here...

She has always been smiling to the camera and at age of 8 months she learnt how to wave. At this stage she could say; Mamma, pabbi and bye

Smiling on command
Just suddenly she started to smile on command. She did this during a short period all the time…

Standing up in bed - with help
About 7,5 months she learnt how to stand in her bed.

Walking with help
Around 7 months she took steps if someone hold her.

Going horse back
From start she has been very interested in horses. 8 months old she tried to sit on a horse back by herself.

Walking chair
Soon she learnt how to walk in this very smart chair. Here she is 7 months old

Anna Björk and her favourite toy
Ever since her Auntie Kristin gave her this pink bunny has been her favourite toy.

First Christmas
Her dad gave her a car for christmas!

First toothbrush
As soon as her first teeth was seen she got her first toothbrush. It was very exciting to discover it

Eating real food
At age of 6 Anna Björk started to get other food than breast milk. She did not like this change very much.

First tooth
5,5 months old she got 2 small teeth down in her mouth. This period she was biting on everything. More about her teeth here...

Sitting up alone
At 5 months she could sit up alone without help.

Reading the paper
Anna Björk has always been fascinated of paper and tearing it apart into very small pieces. Here she is 5 months

Sitting up
4 months old she could sit up alone. Still it was without balance and with no strengths so it was necessary to give her a helping hand now and then.

In the Swimming pool
Anna Björk has always been very fond of water. Here she is in the swimming pool at 3 months old

Blessed in the Church
Anna Björk Benjaminsdottir was blessed in churched when she was 4 months old

Anna Björk moves into her own room
When she started to wake up every second hour during night mom made my own room next to mom and dad. After that I slept al night from 20.00 until 07:30

Standing up with help
She has always been very strong and started very early to stand up if someone hold her fingers. Here she is 3 months old

Finding her toes
4 months old - actually when she was in Barcelona - she suddenly found her toes

On horseback - again
4 months old and already a horse rider - with help from mom of course.

Grabbing things
3 months old and she loved grabbing this thing. It was her favourite for very long time

When she was 2 months she was flying to Sweden for the first time. At age of 8 months she had been flying four times; 3 times to Sweden and 1 time to Barcelona.

Turn around on her stomach
Anna Björk was only 2 months old when she started to turn around on her stomach! This picture is taken on her first turn.

Lifting her head
She started early - here she is 2,5 months

First shoe
Two months old and I got my first shoe

On horseback
Mom could not wait to put Anna Björk in the saddle. 1, 5 months on her first time in the saddle.

Sleeping in her own bed
During her first month she could not sleep in her own bed as she found it too big, why she slept in her wagon. After one month she had no problem in sleeping in her own bed.

Follow things with her eyes:
When she was about 4 weeks she could follow things with her eyes.

First bath:
7 days old she got her first bath. She fell asleep, as it was so nice and warm - just like inside mom's belly.

Fixed Eyes
When Anna Björk was about 3 week she could fix her eyes even if she did not see 100% properly.

Already when she was a couple of days old she started to smile - but it was after 8 weeks she smiled when asking for it.

A princess is born
Anna Björk was born 24th of June, 23.07 at Landspitali in Reykjavik Iceland. She was 51 cm long and 3390 g.


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