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My mom made this site for me with this nice Pooh theme and of course it is copy-right Disney on all Pooh pictures. The purpose of this site is not commercial only to joy my friends and family!

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Bangsímon is Pooh's icelandic name and Bangsi is the ice-landic word for teddy bear so that's the reason for this web-sites' name.

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Right now – Thursday 24 November, 2005

Mom is back

Yesterday mom came home again. I was so pleased and happy to see her again though it was very late in the evening and I rather would prefer sleeping. Dad had told me earlier she was on her way home and at 7 I put my jacket and my cap on. Dad smiled at me and said it was many hours left. I was waiting and waiting and dad never said now it was time to go… It ended by I fell asleep on the floor.

It has been great though spending some time with dad. I don’t want to tell mom dad is the best, even though I know she knows. Not for that I don’t like mom, she is good too in her way but not like dad. Mom has told me I am a “dad’s girl” just like she was when she was young girl – it must be in the family, ha ha…

Anyway, still I missed mom a lot while she was away. I was talking to her on the phone almost every day and as soon as I got the opportunity to steel dad mobile phone I did just to see if I could call her myself. My dad got quite tired of hunting me all the time so we went to the store and he bought me my own mobile phone. While I sat in my wagon at the shopping center I tried to call her at once. My phone is yellow and has big red buttons and when pressing my phone blinks and gives sound. Dad told me button 1 was for mom I pressed it at once… dad smiled at me when I put the phone to my ear and started to talk. Then I handed over the phone to my pink bunny and let him talk to mom too. Dad started to laugh. In a Childs’ world every body can talk on the phone – even if it is a toy phone…

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