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My mom made this site for me with this nice Pooh theme and of course it is copy-right Disney on all Pooh pictures. The purpose of this site is not commercial only to joy my friends and family!

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Bangsímon is Pooh's icelandic name and Bangsi is the ice-landic word for teddy bear so that's the reason for this web-sites' name.

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Right nowSaturday 17 September, 2005
My aunt Kristin is here for a visit. We have been playing a lot! Tonight mom and dad are going to a craw fish party with the other Swedes here in Iceland. Kristin will then take care of me. I have got a new winter jacket! It is a pink thick coat which will be very nice for the winter!
Tuesday 13 September, 2005
Today I went to Lilja again after my sickness. I was a bit sad to leave mom in the morning but as soon as she was gone everything was alright. We made a very nice neckless to me :)
Yesterday was a wonderful day! Mom and I went on a long walk in this extreamely nice weather we had here in Reykjavik. After 1,5 h walk we sat down for some picknick. Mom had brought cakes and milk for me and coffee for her. I enjoyed every minute! Back home again we took a hot bath in our hot tube - it was so nice to spend a hole day with mom!

Sunday 11 September, 2005
I have been sick lately. Something with my stomach so I had to eat blue berry soup for a whole day... You can believe I was tired of that. I am feeling much better now though. Its Sunday and now mom and I are going out in the Sun... lovely!
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