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Our mom made this site for us with this nice Pooh theme and of course it is copy-right Disney on all Pooh pictures. The purpose of this site is not commercial only to joy my friends and family!

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Bangsímon is Pooh's icelandic name and Bangsi is the ice-landic word for teddy bear so that's the reason for this web-sites' name.

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Right now – Tuesday 30 October 2006

Bringing in horses in Borganes

Saturdays we went to Borganes for bringing in our horses for worm treatment. Mom, dad and his friend Gummi went horseback riding trying to find all the horses. It is such a big area it took them 2 hours until they found them! When finding it did not take any long time as it is like the horses knows when man kind is appearing its time to "go home" All 30 went galloping and was nearby the house long before mom and dad came.

I found it very nice to see my horse - Isafold - again while it will take at least 2 years more until we will take her in for training. Mom has given me one of her horses until then. His name is Rodi and is the best child horse ever! Both Titti and I sat on him and he didn't move once inch. It will be fun during the winter! It's long time left - we will not bring horses to town until middle of January.

We were out playing all day long and at 18 I was so tired I fell asleep on the floor, imagine that!

Winter wonderland is coming up and today it was freezing outside. I am lucky to have such a nice winter dress I am not cold at all while being outside.

This evening I talked to grandma and grandpa on the phone and they have promised me to be here during Christmas. You bet I am looking forward to it!

Titti has developed a lot lately! She can stand and she can also take some steps if someone holds her.

Well, I guess this was all for now

Take care and I see you soon.


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